Zaverezhye/Vorotinschtina #belarus

Laura Reed <ltreed2000@...>

Interested in a BOF group for
Zaverezhye/Vorotinschtina, Mogilev uyezd, Mogilev
gubernia.  My family names are Merlin and Dusavitsky. 
Willing to contribute funds for research.  Anyone else
Also interested in Dubrovna, Mogilev uyezd, Mogilev
gubernia . . . also for the Merlin name.
Laura Reed
San Francisco, CA
MERLIN (Zaverezhye/Vorotinschtina)
(Zaverezhye/Vorotinschtina)BAKSHY/BAKSHI (Kerch,


I am a Merlin whose family migrated from Belarus circa 1904. Could we be kin?
Donna Merlin


Just one note.
Dubrovna never was in Mogilev uezd. It was, first, in Kopys uezd (until 1861), then - in Gorki uezd. Thus, there are absoluyely different data sources for Zaverezhye search and for Dubrovna search. 

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Hi Laura
It has been a long time since last communicated. Vorotinschtina was the agro colony established by the Talalai and some other families. It is adjacent to what was the hamlet of Zavarezhye, where the post office and "general store" was located. I would say that all the founding families of V were from Mogilev city proper and maintained connections. It was only about 12 miles SW of Mogilev so rather close. How one or why one would focus on V/Z without including Mogilev city is something I do not understand, as all the families were from Mogilev city originally.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico, USA
DARDASHTI - Isfahan/Teheran, Iran; branch in Bombay/Mumbai India via Baghdad.
TALALAY/TALALAJ/TALALAI - Belarus: Mogilev (Vorotinschtina/Zaverezyhe, Mogilev city, Bobruisk). Branches in Chernigov UKR, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Siberia, Kazakhstan.
BANK: Kovno/Kaunas, Kedainai, LITH.


Schelly--we suspect we are related thru the Merlin line, as you know.  Just can't quite figure it out yet.  We'll have to connect again soon.  

Donna and Laura--I'd love to connect with you privately.  My grandfather was Schachne (Samuel) Merlin who emigrated from Zaverezyhe in 1904 at age 24 (b. 1880).  He had a brother Leyba (Louis) b. 1870, married to Doba Plotkin (Dora).  Louis and Dora had 9 children.  Are you a descendant of one of them?  

Sonia Merlin Lipetz
Boston, MA