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Joy Weaver <joyweave@...>

My grandfather, Isadore ROSNEL's, death certificate says he was buried
on May 17, 1929 at "Montefore" Cemetery.

I cannot imagine that this can be any other than the Montefiore Cem. in
Springfield Gardens, based on the date and the close spelling of the name.

The cemetery office, however, claims to have no record of his burial/
grave location.

Can anyone make any suggestions about what is going on here?

I've been thinking of sending them by mail a copy of the death cert. and
suggesting alternate spellings of his name: Issie, Israel and/or
mis-filing under RASNEL due to sloppy handwriting. Has anyone had
experience with Montefiore? Would they try harder to find him if prompted?

Joy Weaver
Islip, NY USA

POLAND (Krasnik, Zaklikow, Lublin): Blumberg, Fogiel, Rosenel./
BELARUS (Wisoke-Litovsk, Brest, Grodno): Feinberg, Vilner, Greenberg, Petruskitz/ Petritzki?, Deibach.

Joy Weaver <joyweave@...>

I want to thank all the people who have responded so far to this question.

At the same time, it's apparent that I need to clarify it.

I do know, as so many responded, that there is a New Montefiore
Cemetery on Wellwood Ave. in the Pinelawn area. In fact, my mother is
buried there and I live only 20 minutes away >from it.

They also denied having my grandfather's burial record there. I had
made the assumption that it was the Old one I needed, though, because my
grandfather died in a hospital on Staten Island and the family lived in
the Bronx. Unless the Old one was full by 1929, it seemed to me that it
would be more likely a location. In addition, I think the death cert.
would have specified "New" Montefiore. My mother's does.

I can go over to the New one in person and see if trying various
variations of the name helps, but I still think it's the Old one.

Joy Weaver
Islip, NY

Brenda & Irwin Etter <etterbi@...>

My ggf is buried in Old Montefiore cemetary. I went there two years ago
when I was in New York. He wasn't in their computer system, but the person
in the office checked their card file for older burials and found it. He
died in 1926.

Also, his name in their records and on his tombstone were slightly different
from the records my mother gave me. His common name was Smicha, but they
had him listed as Simon. Also, the last name was a different version of the
family name. Because I knew the organizational plot he was buried in, it
helped to confirm. The final confirmation came at the tombstone because it
had a photgraph of him that was identical to the one picture I have in the
family album. I believe this is an old Russian style.

I thought the office was very helpful. I'd suggest a phone call.

Irwin Etter, Seattle, WA

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