The change from ALPEROVICH to ALPERT #belarus

Ziegelman <zieg_exp@...>

How did Alperovitches >from Kurenitz, Postawy and Vileika all come to change
their family name >from Alperovitch to Alpert? I wonder why they all didn't
change their name to the more logical "Alper?" When was this change first
made, and how did people in different shetls learn about it?
Kind regards,
Andi Alpert (formerly Alperovitch) Ziegelman
Alperovitch in Vileika , Postawy and Kurenitz, and maybe Dokshitz and Miadel
Feinberg in Kovarsk
Mishler/Mysli/Mishuli/Misuli >from Vilkomir
Cohen (or some variation of Cohen) >from Vilkomir