Zembin = Zjembin #belarus

Matthew Klionsky

I have records from Zembin and environs of several marriages between Podnos and Klionsky families in the 1800s (and Belkins and Leikinds intermarried with both).  And, at least two marriages between Klionsky and Shifrin (=Sifrin), which I mention b/c of the reference to the book by Geof Sifrin.  Also, evidence of a number of alternative representations of Zembin in various records, including Sembin, Zebin and Sebin.  Anyone interested in details, please contact me by email:  Matthew Klionsky   klionsky@...


My gg grandfather was a Moshe Pudnos. As far as I know he had 2 brothers: Menachem Mendel and tzvi Hirsch. Only TZvi Hirsch( Harry) came to the US.  I do know a bout his 2 wives and their children.  He was from Zembin and had many daughters. Alte Yehudis, Hinda, Pesha and Sarah. Does this sound familiar?

Yosepha Krohn

Jules Feldman

See the book by Geoff Sifrin " To Gershn - Tales of People of Zjembin" ,
Johannesburg 1995

He brings there "Raizel's Story'' - the final 15 years of Zjembin in the
words of Raizel (Shifrin ) Ander.
On page 76-77 there is a list of some of the families murdered in Zjembin.
Among them are " Podnos family , the fire chief and his wife (his children
were in Moscow)"

You can contact Geoff in Johannesburg

Jules Feldman
Kibbutz Yizreel

I have been spending a lot of time looking into revision lists and ship
manifests and I have come up to a brick wall. I am looking for my great
grandmothers family: Pudnos or Podnos >from Zembin. I am sure her father,
Moshe Pudnos b. around 1848, had sisters. I have yet to find mariage