Cemetery photos #belarus

Dick Plotz

A reminder to all who are asking for local help, whether with
cemeteries or with other local institutions: please include
the name of the locality where you are seeking help! I can
guess that the message below refers to Washington Cemetery in
Brooklyn and Mt Zion Cemetery in Queens, but pity the poor
volunteer who goes to the wrong cemetery and spends hours
looking for locations that don't exist there.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

Gayle Schlissel Riley wrote:
If someone is going to these two cemeteries, in the near future
would they photograph the section posts for these to sections

At Washington, Tarnobrzeg Dzikov Young Mens Assoc. is listed as
being at section 2, post 195.

At Mt. Zion is listed Tarnobrzecer Fraven Kranken Unt. Verein at
path 16 left, gate 10.

Franklin J. Swartz <eejhp@...>

Monday, July 11, 2005, 11:42:46 AM

Dear All,

As part of my work as a director of Voluntas, a humanitarian service
organisation based in the UK and Belarus, I an my staff constantly
travel around Belarus. As part of the East European Jewish Heritage
Project's work we make notes on the state of Jewish cemeteries
throughout the country and engage in restoration work. I have noted
that many of you have an interest on the conditions of cemeteries and
the possibilities that there may be inscription of interest to you on
some of the headstones (matzevot).

If you would like us to look for an inscription in a particular
cemetery, or would like more information about the cemetery, please
let me know by sending an email to cemeteries@... with the
name of the cemetery [e.g. its location] in the subject line and any
other information in the body of the letter. Once we receive ten or
more requests we will make a trip to the cemetery and let you know
what we find. If we do find anything I will send you digital photos.
I'll also send digital photos of the village or town in which the
cemetery is located. In cases where there are under ten requests I
will keep a log and whenever I or one of our staff is in the vicinity
we will examine the cemetery and send photos of what we find.

We will also do the same thing for villages. If this is your interest
please email to villages@... with the name of the village in
the subject line and any information you have in the body of the
message. We will follow the same procedure regarding the number of

To make sure there is no misunderstanding: This is a free service
which we believe to be part of the mission of the East European Jewish
Heritage Project. Your response will help to guide us in our
restorations programmes.

Best regards,


Franklin J. Swartz
Executive Director
East European Jewish Heritage Project
P.O.Box 97
Republic of Belarus