Bebruysk, Belarus #belarus

Michael Antin <mantin@...>

I will be teaching in Latvia in 2006. I am interested in pursuing a
search of my family name, ANTIN. My father and his family emigrated >from
Bebruysk just before WWI, settling in Milwaukee Wisc., >from which we
moved in 1948 to Los Angeles. It was stated to me that the family name,
Antin, has been the same for centuries, as it was in Bebruysk. Were I
to train to Bebruysk >from Latvia, would I find records that might help
in my search? Is anyone working on Bebruysk? I am advised that this
town, was the "Jewish Town", containing 80% Jewish population, prior to
WWII. How did this town originate? What is its history? Thanks in
advance. Michael Antin, Los Angeles, California: Reply to: