acrostics on tombstones #belarus


Dear Belarussiggers
I am writing about this to ask if other siggers have noticed
something like what I found and to suggest that others be on the lookout for it....
My ggfather Abraham BERGER (1838-1918) son of Yitskhok Levi lived in
Haradok in the Vilna gubernia and died in New York . When I showed a friend a
photo of his headstone she noticed somehting surprising. If the first letters
each line of the inscription are read downward it spells out a message. There
is Aleph Beys, for Av meaning father, Yud Tsadik Khes Kuf, spelling out the
name Yitskhok. At the end are the letters Lamed Ayin which I interpret as a
diminutive ending so that the whole message is "Av Yitskhokle".
Does anyone know whether acrostics like this are common on headstones
from Belarus and other parts of Europe?

Charles Nydorf

New York


I noticed a similar acrostic on my grandfather's stone at a cemetery near
Chicago. Reading >from the top, it has the letters spelling his Hebrew name,
"Chanoch". followed by the Hebrew letters, Heh, Ayin, Nun, Yud, Chaf, which I would
spell, "Henich". I remember that his yiddish name as "Henach", so I presume
that the second word is a form of Yiddish kinnui of his Hebrew name. He was a
"Galitzianer" >from Kuty.

Harold J. Heyman
Glenview, IL