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Dear Genners,

Stacy Harris wrote:

>>An ancestor's vital record (1891) lists her father's name as Kadish
ISAACS. I can find no such name in any search.
I have also checked Kaddish (which seems more likely to me).
Any English equivalents of Kadish?<<<

my answer is: The male first name Kadish is a Jewish middle age name.
Normal it was used when after a lot of girls , a boy coming and he was
able to said Kadish when his father die. Kadish mean the Jewish
mourner's prayer. In the fifty's was a minister in the Israel government
with the name Kadish Luz (1895 - 1972) and you can find this name beck in
a lot of streets in Israel.
Wishing you all a Shana Tova

Ury Link

Nordell, Larry <lnordell@...>

My mother told me that her grandfather, Kadish Ber EPSTEIN, had been
born after his father died, and that he was a "kadish" for his father,
and was given his father's name. I therefore reconstructed his father
as Ber Epstein, or more likely Dov Ber Epstein. However, in the Slutsk
Chevra Kedisha records there is an entry in 1913 that reads: "On
Wednesday the twenty-fourth day of M'Av (27 August 1913) passed away the
rabbi renowned in tora and in G-D fearing the G-D fearing elderly rabbi
mh"r r' Kadish Dov Bear the son of the rabbi mh"r r' Shalom2
There is a footnote on Shalom that reads "Actually, in the Hebrew it is
dotted: Shilem"

Can anyone tell me whether my mother's story about the use of the name
Kadish was correct, in which case my great-great grandfather's name
would have been Dov Bear Epshtein and his listing as Shalom in the
Pinkas would have been an error? Or could my mother have been wrong, and
the name Kadish given by itself without repeating his father's name?

Larry Nordell
Helena, Montana

Researching Neikrug, Epstein, Aronoff (Slutsk); Nordell, Nodel and
variants, (Kovno)