Searching for SHEINGOLD, GUTERMAN and KHANIN in Dvorets and Minsk #belarus


I am seeking information on my SHEINGOLD, GUTERMAN and KHANIN family >from Dvorets (in Grodno gubernia)and Minsk.

My Great great grandparents were Salman and Elka SHEINGOLD who lived in Dvorets. Up until a few months ago I thought they only had two children: 1. My great grandfather Bere (Boris) SHEINGOLD
[b: abt. 1875 possibly in Dvorets]and 2. Chaim (Hyman) SHENGOLD [b: 1887, Dvorets]. Both sons immigrated to Syracuse, New York.

While searching on Yad Vashem a few months ago I learned that there were two more SHEINGOLD siblings:

3. Rivka SHEINGOLD* [b: abt. 1885 in Dvorets]. Married Moishe GUTERMAN* [b: abt. 1880 Dvorets]
They had three children: Grigori GUTERMAN [b: abt 1910]. Ilya GUTERMAN* [b: abt 1928 Minsk] and Tzilya GUTERMAN* [b: abt 1908]. Tzilya Married Lipe KHANIN* [b: abt 1909 Minsk] and they had a son Misha KHANIN* [b: 1939 Minsk].

4. Faivul SHEINGOLD* [b: 1886 Dvorets]. Married Rokhul* (last name unknown) [b: abt. 1888 Dvorets]

Sadly, all of those with asterisks next to their names were killed in the Minsk Ghetto. The only one to survive was Rivka's son Grigori GUTERMAN who submitted POTs in 1996. Through a Jewishgenner I learned that Grigori passed away in Minsk later that year. Did anybody know him?

Do any of these names sound familiar? While I know about Boris and Hyman once they arrived in the US, I have had little luck locating records for any SHEINGOLDs while still in Belarus. As for Rivka, Faivul and their families, I know only what was mentioned on their POTs. It is possible that there were more children (SHEINGOLDs, GUTERMANs or KHANINs) who survived the Holocaust and, therefore, are not to be found on the Yad Vashem website.

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Thanks for your help,

Melissa L. Shingles
Philadelphia, PA