"The Old Cemetery Tel-Aviv" book #belarus


from a search of the JOWBR for my maternal grandmother Leiba
SAPIR/CHEPELEVSKY (born VERNIKOVSKY) there is the following note next to
her father's name (Zisel VARNIKOVSKY):

For detailed biography, see "The Old Cemetery Tel-Aviv" by Kroll and
Linman, in most Israeli Universities.

Does anyone know of this book, or have it, and is it in English.

Thank you,
Ray Stone
Santa Barbara, CA

Researching: EISENSTADT >from Telechany, CHEPELEVSKY, VERNIKOVSKY >from
Slonim, LIFSHITZ >from Pinsk.

Moe D

My 2nd great grandmother's maiden name was vernikovsky. Her name was pesha, married to rabbi yaakov moshe charlap. Her father's name was Michel and mother sosi or sosil. Perhaps its the same family. If yes I'd like to get more info of the family, since I dont have much.
All the best.

Moe Dinkel