Lumshi, Poland or Russia? #belarus

Carlos Glikson

Hattie Berman Murphy looks for Abe Brezak's "Lumshi", "Poland or Russia".

It could be present Poland's and former Russian Empire's Lomza (missing
diacritic marks here...). Lomza is shown as Lomzhe in phonetic Yiddish in
the JewishGen Communities Database at
It can be found choosing amongst different results obtained by searching for
town "Lumshi" (as heard in Hattie's family), in JewishGen's home page.

There is a JewishGen's Family Finder's record showing a researcher is
tracing Brezaks and two other last names, all in Lomza.

This Brezak research is amongst the 1532 hits and 749 researchers in the
JGFF for Lomza. Perhaps Hattie should get in contact, and also check if the
other last names in
for this researcher go in her family.

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson

Larry Gaum

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Subject: Re: [belarus] Lumshi, Poland or Russia?Hattie Berman Murphy looks for Abe
Berzak's "Lumshi", "Poland or Russia".I went to university with a student
whose name was Berzak. He was >from Czechoslovakia. and was about
30 years old in Canada in 1961.(born in 1931)

Larry Gaum


I am doing some research for a member of my extended family and came across
a document of his great grandfather which stated he came >from Lumshi some
inf states Poland others Russia can someone tell me if they have ever heard
of this town/shtetl and also its location.
Thank you

Abe Brezak, Lumshi?

Hattie Berman Murphy
New York City