Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia

Maury Kitces

My grandfather's family line is KITZES/KITSIS/KITZES/KICIS and other
variations. I have the main tree tracked back to Rabbi Ze'ev Wolf
Kitzes (~1695-1788) who lived in Medzibozh, Ukraine. By the mid
1800's the family had spread out across Bessarabia with families in

My grandmother's family is KHARAST/HARSAT/AROST >from the area of
DUMBRAVENI and SOROCA. That tree goes back to Markhil KHARAST

Other families that married into these lines include BALABAN,

My family website has trees for all of these names.

Maury Kitces

Pablo Libedinsky

Do you have any more information about CHAMUDIS in your family? 
That's my mother's maiden name. Her line comes from TATARBUNAR in Bessarabia and spread to ARGENTINA, CHILE, BRAZIL and the US, where the name was changed to AIMIS.

Pablo Libedinsky


My ancestor is also from the Dumbravena area, Soroca. His surname is Goichberg. Have you met?

Yefim Kogan

Pablo, it is a great idea to revive our old request to "introduce" ourselves.

I also will ask if you did search our Romania (Bessarabia) database?  There are a lot of hits on CHAMUDIS (KHAMUDIS - that is the same).

For example. Tatar-Bunary was not a very large place, it is clear that this is your relative:

and one more:

There are also many records with this surname, but not in Tatar-Bunary, but in Akkerman.  It is possible that some registrations, like for Merchants could be done in that small town, but people were registered in Akkerman.

Also, please when you introduce what you are researching, in addition to Last name, write first name, and very important - dates people lived in town (approximate date is OK too).

I am looking forward to hear more introductions from our members, and please help each other if you can...  and if so, you would be helped too.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

Pablo Libedinsky

I have not checked the Romania (Bessarabia) database but I will.
I only have a couple of first names but I'll include them later.

I'll be very happy to help anyone if I can.

Thank you.

Pablo Libedinsky

Sorry but the I've never seen the name Goichberg in my research.
It doesn't seem to be related to Chamudis, or any of its variations.

Judi Wagner

My husbands maternal grandfather was Charles/Kalman WEINSTEIN/VAYNSHTEYN, and he was born in Khotyn/Hotin Bessarabia  in 1901.  His father was Samuel/Schmuel WEINSTEIN and his mother was Sarah/Sure Philstein-Germin.  Charles came to NYC in 1923, and his ticket was paid by his brother, Meyer, already in the US.  We know they were other siblings in Bessarabia.  A brother Boruch, and either he or his son went to Israel.  A sister Rickle, and another sister, we do not know the name.  A brother Yankel.  A brother Moishe.  I have photographs of the brother Moishe, his wife, his mother in law, and two sons.  We thought all perished in the holocaust.  I joined the Khotyn page on Facebook, and lo and behold, only a very short few weeks ago, I see the very same photo!!  I am stunned!  I immediately write to the person that put up the photo.  It is the daughter of the youngest boy in the photo.  Unbeknownst to us all, this child survived and went to Montevideo Uruguay.  We are corresponding using google translate, and as soon as the covid virus allows travel again, we are planning to meet,  I would be very excited to go to Uruguay.  We are sharing other photographs and stories.  She and her sister are very anxious to hear about the family living in the US and their children and grandchildren.  She is a docent at the holocaust museum there.  This is one of the very most exciting things that has happened since I started doing research for my husband's family.  

Stephen Cohen

Though I have been a member of this list for nearly 25 years, I’ll reintroduce myself—or rather, my ancestors:
NAYMAN/Newman from Lenino in southern Belarus
KANTOROVITCH from Lakhva in southern Belarus
GUREWICZ/Horowitz from David-Horodok in southern Belarus
KUPERMAN/Kooperman/Cooperman from Goworowo and environs in northeastern Poland
SZWARCBERG/Schwartzberg from Ostrow Mazowiecka in northeastern Poland
KUSHELEVITZ from Kossovo in Belarus
WITTENBERG from Mariampole and Prienai in Lithuania
KIGEL from Ivnitsa and environs in Ukraine
POLYAK/Pollack from Kodnya in Ukraine
SHERMAN from Zhitomir in Ukraine

There are some side branches, but those are the main points of interest.

—Steve Cohen, central New Jersey

Yefim Kogan


I think at the most you can tell that you do not know if these families are related...
I just found in my family book Lebedinskiy, who lived in Moldova, and I think I was on a wedding in that family. The close families to Lebedinsky were Shamis, Kogan.

Good and successful research,

Pablo Libedinsky

I'm making a bigger effort in researching CHAMUDIS because I think it's an unusual name.   On the other hand, I've been told by Russians I know that LIBEDINSKY is a common surname. 
There are many Libedinsky in Argentina. I met one of them who has an extended family tree and I've been trying to find the connection to my family but without success, yet.
My grandfather Paltiel Libedinsky came from somewhere near Odessa.  He migrated to Argentina, where Paltiel became Pablo and from there moved to Chile.

Thank you.

Yefim Kogan

I think it is important to know the meaning of these names... you probably know that.
If you look into A.Beider's Encyclopedia you find the surnames (this is how the names were pronounced.. not real spelling):
KHAMUDIS  was popular in Kishinev, Bendery, Akkerman and Taurida (Crimea)
KHAMUDES was popluar in Minsk and Soroki
KHOMUDIS was popular in Akkerman

and the surname LEBEDINSIKIY was popular in many places mostly what is now Ukraine.

All the best,
Shabbat Shalom,
Yefim Kogan

Pablo Libedinsky

Thank you for the information.
I didn't know about A. Beider's Encyclopedia.  I'll look it up.
For what I've been able to learn, KHAMUDIS is derived from the Hebrew Khamud (plural Khamudot, or Khamudos in the Ashkenazi pronunciation).  I haven't found any other explanation.
I know that "lebed" means "swan" in Russian and also that there is the town of Lebedyn in Ukraine. I guess the most likely source is the town's name.

Thanks again.
Shabbat Shalom.

Veronica Zundel

Hi, I'm Veronica Zundel, my parents both came from Vienna to the UK in 1939 and got married in London, my mother was Jewish but my father wasn't. They met at medical school in Vienna. My mother's birth parents were refugees in the first World War from Drohobych (then in Poland, now in Ukraine), got separated on the journey, and my birth grandmother Etie Horoschowska arrived in Vienna with four children and no means of support, gave birth to my mother in Vienna and put the older children in the Jewish orphanage and my mother up for fostering. Actually my mother was lucky in this, since her birth mother died in the flu epidemic in 1919, and her birth father of stomach cancer in 1926. After two other foster families my mother was adopted by Julius and Elsa Steinschneider; Julius died of lung cancer in 1931, Elsa was deported in 194 along with her sister and brother in law to the Lodz ghetto and then probably to Chemno for extermination. We know they died in 1942.

I have a lot of information about my mother's adoptive family but am trying to trace possible descendants of her oldest birth brother Josef Jacob Horoschowski, who with one of his sisters (probably Chaje Sara) was trying to emigrate to what was then Palestine in 1927. It's possible I have a whole tribe of cousins in Israel. Wanting to do this alongside writing a memoir of my brother who died at his own hand in 1975, and incorporate the search in the memoir.

Inna Vayner <innanes@...>

I came across Libedinsky family that lives in Argentina when I was working on someone's tree. They also have at least one part of the family that came from Odessa. Did you encounter Juniter/Yuniter surname in your research?