Jewish Given Names Questions #bessarabia

Jeff Miller

In the translation of a document for my family >from Frampol (outside of
Kamenets-Podolskiy), I am interested in learning about Hebrew and English
name equivalents (or best guesses) for some of the names mentioned in the
following translation.

Also, a related branch of this family went to Russia and the males for three
generations took the names Moishe, Sanya, and Mikhail; likewise, I am
interested in learning about Hebrew and English name equivalents (or best
guesses) for these names.

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Record translation:
For your request registered as Nr. 878, dated July 6, 1876, the town
representative assembly is informing you about arrival of the extract from
the family list with information about the family of resident of Frampol,
Jew, Aria-Leyb Freider, son of Froim-Menashe.

The town representative assembly sent our request to the Gorodok area
administration, Kamenets district. We are informing you that the family of
Freider is mentioned as residents of the town of Frampol with number 14 in
the census of population, Revision 10 as follows:

Froim-Menashe Freider, age 54, son of Abram, His son Manil (Manila), age 38,
Sons of Manil (Manila):
Mordko, age 19,
Jos, age 14,

Grandchildren of Froim-Menashe:
Shmul, age 10,
Pinkhas, age 8,
Gersh-Leyb, age 4

Wife of Froim-Menashe:
Feyge, age 40
His daughters:
Zislya, age 18,
Mariem, age 14,

Sister of Froim-Menashe
Rukhlya, age 5 in 1858

Sons of Froim-Menashe
Mordko, age 4 in the year 1858
Aria-Leyb, age 3 in the year 1858

Jeff Miller
Maryland, U.S.

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Gary Mokotoff

As to Hebrew and English name equivalents of Eastern European given names,
first realize that when a person had two given names (Example:
Froim-Menashe) the second name was his everyday name (name by which he was
known) and the first name was his religious name (shem kodesh).

So Froim_Menashe was known in life as Menashe and would have chosen as his
English name some "M" name such as Max.

Other names:
Manil (some "M" name)
Mordko (Mordechai, or other "M' name such as Max, Morris)
Jos (Joe, Joseph)
Shmul (Sam, Samuel)
Pinkhas (Paul, Peter, etc.)
Gersh-Leyb (Louis)
Feyge (Fanny)
Zislya (not sure)
Mariem (Miriam)
Rukhlya (Rachel)
Aria-Leyb (Louis)

Gary Mokotoff