Is DNA Testing Worthwhile? #dna

Judy Simon

Personally, my family has had much success with DNA testing. It has
confirmed relationships between surviving members of branches of the
family that were decimated by the holocaust; we've been able to
confirm an oral history that one branch of our family was Sephardic
and fled to Eastern Europe during the Inquisition; we have helped a
gentleman who is a Y-DNA match to my brother discover who his
previously unknown biological grandfather was.

In some cases, even though the DNA test didn't provide an answer, it
suggested a new path of investigation. We do not know what my
husband's paternal grandfather's surname was in Odessa. My husband
had his Y-DNA tested, and he had several matches whose ancestors
came >from a region about 200 miles >from Odessa; so we have extended
our search to include this region.

Your DNA results remain in the Family Tree Database, so even if you
don't have any DNA matches right away, there is always the
possibility that someone will test in the future.

Judy Simon
New York

from Rezekne, Latvia; KELMER, OLSZTAJN >from Zychlin, Poland;
LEWKOWICZ >from Skierniewice, Poland; MEZELSJO >from Mszczonow, Poland


On 2008.02.23, Marshall Lemer <> asked:

I am wondering if others have had a similar experience? Can
someone please help me understand why this testing is worthwhile?
Marshall, it's obviously worthwhile if it pays off and produces
needed information or a match with a previously unknown relative.

If it doesn't immediately yield anthing useful, it's in the same
class with all those books and microfilms we searched in vain for
someone who should have been listed--but it had to be done.

Unlike the once-searched books and films, the DNA data remains in an
active database, so a match could occur at any time in the future.

In my own case, with two DNA surname projects, I've had some
successess for myself, and for project participants.

However, I'm still waiting for a 12-marker match with the very first
sample kit I submitted to Family tree DNA in Novemvber 2000, and
numbered under 200. The results came back in only four weeks, and I
was, and still am, quite pleased to have the results as additional
identification item for the elusive and still unknown father of a
great-great grandfather, and the DNA pattern representing him is
there in the company's database, waiting for that matching sample
that could come in at any time.

Donn Devine, CG, CGL
Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Marsha Epstein <marsha.epstein@...>

It proved that we were not related through the male line with another
EPSTEIN family that looks like us and has similar naming patterns.
However, we could still be related through a female ancestor that we
haven't identified yet.

Marsha Epstein
Los Angeles