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Arnold Samlan

I am interested in breaking through my proverbial "brick wall" that I've
reached in researching my father's genealogy. I know a little about Family
Tree DNA. At the same time, I've learned that has DNA testing
going on for what appears to be a much lower price. Can anyone help me to
understand the difference between the companies, and why one would be more
helpful to me than another?

Arnold D. Samlan
West Hempstead, NY


Judy Simon

Hi Arnold,

I should preface my answer with this statement: I do not work for
Family Tree DNA, I am a hobbyist genetic genealogist and I am a
volunteer coordinator for several surname and geographic projects that
use Family Tree DNA as the testing company. I do not get any
financial gain in return for recommending FTDNA or for administering
projects through FTDNA.

These are the reasons I chose Family Tree DNA over the other testing companies:

1. The test results are accurate and guaranteed. If there is any
ambiguity in the results, FTDNA will re-run your sample at no cost to
you. None of the other companies will do this.

2. Family Tree DNA has the largest database of Jewish DNA samples.
There is nothing in the DNA that inherently says "this person's
ancestry is >from the Ukraine" or "this person is an Ashkenazi Jew"
or "this person's ancestors were named Goldberg." The way we can make
statements about the ancestry of any given individual's DNA is by
comparing it to other samples in the database. The larger and more
representative of the entire population the database is, the better we
can estimate where and when a common ancestor between the individual
and his/her DNA matches lived. FTDNA has samples >from all major
Ashkenazi Jewish maternal and paternal lines, as well as a less
complete but growing Sephardic and Mizrachi database.

3. The FTDNA staff is very helpful in answering any questions you may
have. The founder and CEO, Bennett Greenspan, personally responds to
inquiries. Bennett started the company in 2000 when he was trying to
determine if a person in Argentina with the same last name as his
relative in the US could be related. When he convinced Dr Michael
Hammer at the University of Arizona genetics lab to compare the two
samples and discovered that they matched each other, he realized that
many other genealogists would want to use this DNA tool also. Bennett
is a JewishGenner like the rest of us; he had an idea that worked and
built it into a company that the rest of us can use to help break down
our own genealogical brick walls. He is personally involved in the
day-to-day management of the company, and listens to suggestions from

3. Family Tree DNA takes great measures to protect the privacy and
confidentiality of your DNA results.

4. If you order your DNA test kit >from FTDNA through JewishGen
( JewishGen gets a
contribution >from FTDNA for each order.

I have been using Family Tree DNA for over five years and am
completely satisfied with their product and their service.

Judy Simon
New York
researching mtDNA haplogroups HV, H*, U7;
Y-DNA haplogroups J1, J2, Q, E1b1b1

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Can anyone help me to
understand the difference between the companies, and why one would be more
helpful to me than another?

Arnold D. Samlan
West Hempstead, NY