Records from the old Philadelphia Congregation Rodeph Shalom #usa

Janet Akaha <Akaha@...>

I have been attempting to put together a data base of about 800 marriage
records and 1200 circumcision records >from the Congregation Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia. The circumcision records begin with several entries in Schwarza, Germany in 1835. The Philadelphia records are predominately from
1848 - 1864. There are also many records >from other small Philadelphia
communities and Trenton, NJ. The marriage records are roughly for this
same time period and are a very nice accompanyment to the circumcision

I have already submitted a proposal to Jewishgen to host this database.

They have accepted my request and I am working to finish all of the data
entry. Everything in English has been entered. However, only about half of the Hebrew has even been sent to individuals to translate and so far I have only received about 10% completed.

I desperately need several more volunteers who can help translate the
Hebrew. It is essentially only the Hebrew name of the father and Hebrew
name of the son. This information is vital for the database as the
information in English in most cases only contains a father's first initi al
in script that is often hard for me to read and perhaps only 10% of the
birth records contain name of child.

If you are interested in helping I am even willing to go through and search
out certain surnames for you. (Meaning you can translate only those pages
that include surnames that you are interested in researching. ) This is
what I have been doing for the individuals that have been helping me. In total there are 102 pages and each page contains about 12 records.

Please write to me directly if you can help. I don't want to send a coup le
of pages at a time, but if you can do 10 or more I would love your

Janet Billstein Akaha
Salinas, CA

Bernie Levy <Bernie-Levy@...>

Janet, I forwarded your note to a friend of mine who is co-founder and still
active in the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Stamford (Connecticut,
USA) on the chance that he might know someone who could do the translations.
He responded as follows, referring to this Sunday's monthly meeting and

Hi Bernie: Hebrew translation of this kind requires more than certainly I am
capable. The reason: its Hebrew script and not print. Perhaps we could make
an announcement at Sunday's mtg. & ask anyone who is interested to see you
after its conclusion. Bring a printout of the request. I am really fascinated

by this project and only wish that I could do it. You might also suggest to
the sender that the town she lists in the e-mail as Schwarza is more possibly

Schwersenz. This town is in Prussian Posen about 15 miles west of the capital

city of Posen (since 1921 Poznan). My maternal ancestors came >from a town not

too far away. Bernard Baruch's father was born in that town. Irwin

Bernie Levy
Stamford, CT, USA

Researching KAUDERER, BURG, THAU, ALTMAN >from Beregomet, Migovo,
possibly Sniatyn, Otynya, Dzhurov (all Ukraine)
Researching DREBIN/DREBEN >from Taurage, Lith. and Poltava, Ukraine.
Researching ACKERMAN >from Kretinga, Lithuania
Researching POSMONTIER >from ????, Poland

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