Civil War Records #usa


Dear People,

I am writing in response to Ms. Babette Bloch's inquiry about her
great grandfather who might have served during the (US) Civil War
(message # 25, July 23, 1999).

There is a book called "Where They Lie." It is the story of Jewish Soldiers
of the North and South who were killed, mortally wounded, or who died >from
disease. It is by Mel Young and published by the University Press of America.
ISBN 0-8191-8610-0, (cloth) or ISBN 0-8191-8609-9, paperback. I can't
remember where I saw a copy of the paperback but I noted that it cost only
$10.00. A public or university library may have a copy or be able to order
it though an interlibrary loan. I have also heard of a book, published in
1951 by Bertram Wallace Korn, who wrote a book called "American Jewry and the
Civil War."

For finding records, Ms. Bloch may want to write to:

Abigail H. Schoolman, Associate Archivist, American Jewish Historical
society, 2 Thornton Road, Waltham MA A2154

or to Aaron L. Katchen, MB 0001, Brandeis University , P.O. Box 9110,
Waltham, MA

But I think the archives of the Society and of Brandeis are being, or
have been already moved to the new Jewish History center in New York, so
they may not be accessible for a while.

There are also websites for American Jewish history:

Be sure to look at the "Civil war" guestbook because some of the
people who entered comments had ancestors who were Jewish and who fought on
one side or the other in the Civil War. If you are lucky, you may find an
ancestral name you recognize.

Naomi Fatouros
B/23/ 99

MODERATOR NOTE: And don't forget JewishGen's own U.S. Civil War

Larry <sloop28@...>

The National Archives and Records Administration holds both military
and pension records for Union Civil War participants. See their web site at

for instructions on how to order files.
This is a worthwhile thing to do. The files, particularly the pension files,
often contain a wealth of historical and personal information concerning the
Also note that the database of Jewish Civil War participants at

is incomplete. Ancestry has two other databases of interest; one of Civil War
Military Records and the other of Civil War Pension Records.

Larry E. Oppenheimer Sarasota, FL