suggested changes to Early American #usa

Lisa Robinson <lisa@...>

May I put my 2cents in?

>from what I read this would be a big help to everyone doing research.
I am still trying to find things, and it's like trying to walk in hip
deep mud. (Ever tried that? Not easy.)
This type of searching and help would be helpful to many of us. Many of
us are having problems with proving who we are as our families have
hidden things for so many years. Mine did and it was only passed down
to one person every generation. Lucky for me and all of my other family
members My Grandmother- Grossmutter, known as Mutte. Didn't agree with
that and she told all of us. Without the proof however to take to a Rabi
we are stuck in Mud. (Literally.)

So please if there is a way to compile and simplify things PLEASE can we
do that I will even try to help if need be.
I'm a good at research and going through info. Blessings,

Lisa D. Robinson Florida <>