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Where is Bedzin? Is it in Galicia? Thanks, Carol Cohen
Bedzin, also called Bendin and Bendzin according to Where Once We Walked, is
at map coordinates 5020 North and 1909 east. My reading of teh map puts
this just west of the northwestern corner of Galicia, and thus not in

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY


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Bedzin, Sosnowiec, Dabrowa (Dombrowa) are principal towns of the area known
as Zaglebie (Zaglembye), of ex Russian Empire. Area is adjacent to ex-
Prussian and Austro-Hungarian Imperial borders. Town Myslowice near Katowice
of Gorny Slask (Oberschliessen) on the Czarna Przemsza River was actually
known as the point where all three Empires borders have met. Didn't I write
already on this subject?

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB, Canada

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Where is Bedzin? Is it in Galicia? Thanks, Carol Cohen

Carol Cohen
Dallas, TX USA

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I am searching for former inhabitants of Bedzin
(Bendin)/Sosnowiec (Poland) who may have known my
WAJSMARK relatives. Is there an association of former
Bedzin residents in France?

Merci, Joelle van den Berg

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My family lived in Bedzin. Sadly last member died three years ago. Sam Pivnik wrote a book Survivor and wrote about growing up there before the war. My family was Abramovitch and Pivnik and Sam’s book refers to the address where they lived. Search on line and his brother Nathan Pivnik which may give you more information. Regards.