Success -- Searching Manfred SILBERWASSER, Vienna -> France c1942 survivor #france

Bernard Kouchel <koosh@...>

Both >from Vienna, they met at Drancy detention camp and became friends. On
Convoy #42 in the direction of Auschwitz, as night approached and they
neared the German border they managed to break the window bars. They jumped
from the train and spent about 2 weeks together, then saw each other one
more time (briefly) less than a year later. After that Leo Bretholz lost
track of Manfred Silberwasser.

Today, 60+ years later, the search of Mr Bretholz' (of Baltimore MD) ended
successfully. Within 24 hours of his search request, he was in telephone
contact with the Silberwasser family (of France). Unfortunately Mr.
Silberwasser died two years ago, but his wife and son will continue their

Mr Brethholz e-mailed me last night saying: "When I saw the subject
"Silberwasser, SUCCESS" on your e-mail, I couldn't believe it. Flo [Mrs
Bretholz] and I have been on such a long search for him - sorry we didn't
contact you sooner. So sad that he died just two years ago."

My thanks to Eve Line Blum of France, whose assistance made this survivor
search a success.
Bernard Kouchel

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Bernard Kouchel wrote:
Searching for information regarding Manfred SILBERWASSER who is listed in
Klarfeld's book on Convoy #42, Nov, 6, 1942.

A recent e:mail >from Leo BRETHOLZ, also listed on Convoy #42 informed me
"Actually, my friend (whom I met in the camp of Drancy) Manfred
and I escaped >from the train, and we stayed that night with a very kind
Catholic priest."

I am assisting Leo Bretholz is his search for his friend Manfred (both
originally >from Vienna). Any leads would be appreciated.

Incidentally, Mr Brethholz' memoir was published in the US, England, and
Netherlands in 1999.
Entitled "Leap Into Darkness - Seven Years on the Run in Wartime Europe"
review here: