frenchsig digest: December 01, 2019 #france

Abraham Blum <abraham.blum@...>

Dear Rosanne and Pierre,

First of all, thousand thanks for the dedicated work you two have put into
the French SIG for years and years!

I was thinking what could have contributed to the decline in the once so
active SIG. Knowing Pierre's age (like mine), one reason could be the
retirement of older hobby-genealogists and the lack of young people
joining our community.

Furthermore: I assume that many, perhaps most, French SIGgers are not
living in the USA and therefore not so able to attend IAJGS Conferences. I
remember the times, when more people were asking for help and were also
given advice. It would be a pity to let the French SIG die "due to natural
causes". Is this ageing process occurring also in other SIGs?
Unable to help, I can only hope you will find after all members able and
ready to take up responsibilities.

Abraham Blum, Israel

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Sent: Monday, December 2, 2019 9:04 AM
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Subject: frenchsig digest: December 01, 2019

"Has JewishGen helped you connect with your family? We want to hear
your story! Please email us at today."
FRENCHSIG Digest for Sunday, December 01, 2019.

1. 2020 IAJGS Conference


Subject: 2020 IAJGS Conference
From: Rosanne Leeson <>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2019 14:18:38 -0800
X-Message-Number: 1

Dear FrenchSIG members,

The time is growing closer for any possible papers, thoughts for
meetings,=C2=A0 >from FrenchSIG members at this coming year's IAJGS Conferen=
in San Diego CA.

We have close to 1000 members, and it is very discouraging to your
Coordinators to have no responses >from anyone on our list! How many of
you are considering attending?=C2=A0 Is there any reason for us to even
schedule a Meeting, Luncheon? We would love to have some of you
willing to step up to learn the ropes for taking over as Coordinators,
Moderators! We have not had a Webmaster in a few years, because no one
is volunteering.

If interest in French research is so low perhaps we should just let this
SIG die.=C2=A0 Is that what you would all like?

Please let us know your thoughts on these matters?=C2=A0 Is there anything
that you would like the SIG to do or participate in please let us know
ASAP! Pierre has been very busy adding new database material.

We are still hoping to hear >from some of you, so that we can make
Conference arrangements before it is too late!

Rosanne Leeson
Pierre Hahn
Co-Coordinators French SIG




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joelle meyer <joelle.meyer24@...>

This is certainly disappointing.

Let me answer please as a French women active on Gersig with half of my
ancestors being German and the other one Alsatian
1. First going to San Diego is very far >from France
2. I suppose that many of the French speaking people are not so good at
English and do not imagine going to a conference fully in English
3. it is true that I never saw an interesting message on this forum.
Because we use other routes probably such as the French Jewish genealogical
societies or because French genealogy is so much easier than in Germany
because all is digitalized ?

But perhaps you were targeting the American audience potentially interested
in their French roots (not so frequent I would say in my modest opinion)

Have a great day,
Joelle >from Paris