INTRO: Researching MOSES-Berlin #germany

Barbara Glicksberg <bglicks@...>

Hello GerSig-

I hope this gets through; I have been having trouble with the plain text.

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I have been doing genealogy seriously for 3 years or so, but consider myself
a novice in German genealogy. I live in urban Washington state, USA.
My native language is English & I know some French & Spanish. I consider myself
an intermediate user of the computer.

I know the birth & death dates of all of my grandparents, some of my great
grandparents, & some of my great-greats. I am hoping to fill in the blanks for
the others. I am researching the following:

MOSES- Berlin
GUTSTADT-Prussia & upper New York state
LIEBENSTEIN-Bavaria, possibly Bierstadt (Boerstadt, Burstadt)
MILIUS-Zweibrucken, Bavaria & Cincinnati,OH

Barbara Glicksberg bglicks@... Seattle, Washington

Fritz Neubauer

Barbara Glicksberg schrieb:

I am researching the following:

LIEBENSTEIN-Bavaria, possibly Bierstadt (Boerstadt, Burstadt)
Dear Barbara,
the recently published volume on the deportations to the Baltic has 3
entries for LIEBENSTEIN:

Flora, maiden name KLEIN, born 02 Jan 1887 in Gnodstadt, district
Ochsenfurt, Bavaria

Hermann, born 16 Oct 1879 in Huettenheim, district Kitzingen, Bavaria

Max, born 02 Feb 1877 in Bad Liebenstein, district Meiningen, Thuringia,

all three deported >from Frankfurt/Main.

And there is one entry for the Bavarian deportees for LIEBENSTEIN:

Sofie, born 31 Jan 1873, deported >from Munich/Nuremberg

Let me know if you think you are related to them,

with kind regards Fritz Neubauer, North Germany