2006 Conference - Research at LBI #germany

m leonards <m_leonards@...>

I too have had positive experiences with research at the Leo Baeck

However, the Center for Jewish History has a very limited number of
microfilm readers. Can Karen Franklin advise us whether there will be
additional readers available during the 2006 conference?

Monica Leonards suburban Philadelphia <m_leonards@hotmail.com>


The Leo Baeck Institute Staff is already planning for the 2006 IAJGS
Conference in order to make sure that we can accommodate the research needs of the
anticipated large number of users during the conference period. We will issue
research guidelines and recommendations prior to the conference which will
enable us to have ready and available the collections you request when you arrive
at the reading room. We will also provide updated research requests to make
it easier for staff to answer inquiries. The LBI staff members have expertise
in many areas which may be useful to genealogists and are always willing to
help. I encourage you to submit requests and inquiries early (and be patient as
reponses may require some time), and to utilize our *** online catalog***
at: http://www.lbi.org

Karen Franklin Director, Family Research Program, LBI khsmus@aol.com

A & B Algaze <Algaze@...>

I am very much looking forward to the IAJGS conference to be held in New
York City in August of 2006. I am especially interested in doing genealogical
research at the Leo Baeck Institute. I understand that it is part of the
Center for Jewish History and is located at 15 W 16th Street in Manhattan.
[Aprox. 15 to 20 minutes by subway or shuttle bus >from Conference headquarters.]

I would be interested in hearing >from anyone who has done any genealogical
research at Leo Baeck Institute and had success (or perhaps did not have success).

What was your experience? What were you looking for? What did you find?
Was the staff knowledgeable? Were they helpful? Any suggestions for searching
the on-line catalogue and doing research on site?

Barbara Algaze Los Angeles, California Algaze@comcast.net