Seek MANTEI & Olga FALKENBERG who d. in Wurtzberg, Germany 1949 #germany

Marek Zacharski <prova@...>

I search information about family of my Father Jakob MANTEI, born in
Ukraine in village Sulshinowka (near Zytomir) in June 1916 year, and his
sister Olga FALKENBERG

My father after the war was changing the name end was living in Poland
(after change the secend name) like Wac³aw Zacharski, where hi die in 1976
(in town Gi¿ycko).

Jakob MANTEI was born in village Sulshinowka (Ukraine near Zytomir) in June
1916 year.

Known members of his family:

Sister: Olga FALKENBERG , born 1890, died in Wurzburg ( Germany) in 1949

She's children : Rudolf FALKENBERG born 1918, Alexander
FALKENBERG born 1922, Else FALKENBERG born 1928

I have some the notice about some members of his family, but I know only
names of uncles Reinhold and Adolfine MANTEI

Marek Zacharskiu ? Poland <>