Passports for return to Germany #germany

Hanna K. Grossman <hannakg@...>

My great uncle received permission >from Baden to emigrate in 1877.
there is someone with the right name on an arrival list for that year.
There is someone with t the right name and birth date who became a
citizen in NY in 1883. But, there is a record of his working in
Heilbronn in 1895! and no clear record of his being here after 1883.
If he returned after becoming a citizen (how likely is that?) would he
have had a US pass port? or what other record would there be in the US
of his departure? What record might there be in Baden and how would I
find that?

Hanna Grossman, Cornwall, CT <>

B. Frederics <picturethisfilm@...>


My great-grandfather and his brothers would take business trips back to
Budapest after they became citizens, sometimes being away for many months.
You can check the US federal census through 1930 (excluding 1890), the
annual city directories for the city in which your great-uncle lived, the
National Archives for passport requests and the Ellis Island records for his
return to the US. Good luck. Regards,

Bonnie Frederics Tucson, AZ