Hamburg and Breslau: JULIUSBERG : Help needed by researcher with newly discoverd Jewish German Polish ancestry #germany

holbrook <holbrook@...>

I would be very grateful for help to assist me research the following
ancestor whose Jewish identity I have only recently discovered. I intend to
go to Germany and Poland this summer to do further research and would be
grateful for any guidance:

Franz JULIUSBERG: born 22 Feb 1865 Breslau died 8 Feb 1936 (?Hamburg) . As
yet I cannot identify his parents and cannot confirm that he came from
Breslau. He married Johanna NATHUSIUS. I do know that he was connected with
the Hamburg firm of Hepner and Juliusberg, and importer and exporter of
tannic acid, that was 'aryanized' by the Nazis. I would like to know:

a) where can I go to find out about the JULIUSBERG family in Hamburg and
more information about the company of Hepner and Juliusberg?

b) where should I go to investigate the JULIUSBERG family in

c) where would there be any records created by the Nazis, in particular, the
Reichssippenamt, about the JULIUSBERG family?

Many thanks for any help offered.

Roger Lilley Cambridge UK <holbrook@...>

Fritz Neubauer

holbrook schrieb:
b) where should I go to investigate the JULIUSBERG family in
Dear Roger,
the Baltic Memorial Book has two entries for JULIUSBERG deportations >from
what was then Breslau:

JULIUSBERG, Else, maiden name KREBS, born 15 March 1883 in what was then
Gleiwitz (now Gliwice)
JULIUSBERG, Ernst, born 16 Dec 1883 in what was then OPPELN (now Opole)

Their last address was Sonnenstrasse 28 in Breslau. They were deported
to Kowno/Lithuania on 25 Nov 1941 and murdered there on 29 Nov 1941.

Two more entries for this name occur in the Theresienstadt Memorial Book for

JULIUSBERG, Else, born 10 Oct 1875
JULIUSBERG, Paula, born 04 Jan 1865

Both were deported >from Breslau to Theresienstadt, arrival date on 27 July 1942.
Frther details can be provided, let me know whether you are interested in them.

with kind regards Fritz Neubauer, North Germany <fritz.neubauer@...>