Seek help with resources for HAAS and FRANKEL from Burgel, Offenbach am Main Hessen #germany



I just found out that my HAAS and FRANKEL family lines are from
Burgel, Offenbach am Main Hessen Germany. If someone is experienced
in researching this area, can you please let me know what resources
are available?

I already looked into the Community Histories at the GerSIG website,
have done extensive Google searches, looked on ancestry .com under
several different searches, went to Steve Morse's website and searched
by name and town for both Ellis Island manifests and Castle Garden. I also
looked at the family finder on JewishGen, and also the familiy trees [FTJP]
on JewishGen, also I searched on JewishGen by name and town and called
the Leo Beck Institute. Nothing has come up relating to my family.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,

Wendy Werner, Baltimore, Maryland <>