HECKSCHER in Hamburg #germany

Allan Goldstein

I thought it may be of interest that in Suffolk County, New York there are two parks named for August Heckscher who i believe was born in Hamburg, Germany.   He was a well known philanthropist on Long Island in the early twentieth century.  
Allan Goldstein

Moe D

There was someone henny hindel heckscher, married to abraham heckscher. Henny hindel was born in Altona.
Henny hindel maiden name was Möller. Her husband abraham had alot of siblings, and from Hamburg.
You can search on geni, Henny hindel heckscher neé möller, wife of abraham go to abraham's profile and there you'll see alot of the heckscher names. ( if not mistaken I chanced upon name, ephraim.)

Moe Dinkel


Dear Helga,

I have one Regine Heckscher (b. 5 Aug 1823; d. 17 May 1910 in Altona) in my family tree married to Ephraim Salomon (b. ~ 1821; d. 18 Dec 1891 in Altona) but I cannot find her family.  Perhaps you may be able to help me?

best regards from Founex, Switzerland,

Howard Engers



Sarah Ferguson >from Auckland, New Zealand, asked for information about the
HECKSCHER family >from Hamburg. I will answer her questions off list becase
it would be tooooooo much for this forum. I informed myself about this Hamburg
family during my research about my own. There were marriages between our two
families so I have a lot of information!

The name HECKSCHER is believed to come >from the city of Hoexter on the river
Weser. The family was in Hamburg already shortly after 1600.

Helga Heilbut, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany hhheilbut@...