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Clive Callman <callman@...>

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I am seeking information regarding an ancestor of mine, Mendel LAUDON, born
16 March 1824 in Dirschau. As I understand it, his parents were Goetz
LAUDON born 1789 in Christburg & Rahel ROSENBAUM born 1793 in Dirschau.
I am trying to find confirmation of this and the definite names of the
parents and forebears of Goetz.

Can anyone give me any leads please?

His Honour Sir Clive Callman, London UK callman@...

Barbara Algaze

His Honour Sir Clive Callman is looking for information on a LAUDON >from
Dirschau. Could the surname have been LANDON? There is a record of a Götz
LANDON and his wife, Rahel ROSENBAUM >from the Family History Microfilm
pertaining to Jewish records for Dirschau 1828 - 1848. (Dirchau,
Westprussia, Germany, today Tczew, Poland) which was translated and put on
the web at:
in 2009 by Fred Zimmak of Stockholm, Sweden.

Since Mendel was born in 1824 and the records only cover the years of 1828
and on, it is understandable that his birth would not have been recorded in
this microfilm.

Barbara Algaze, Algaze3@... Los Angeles, California

52 Götz Landon
Born: 1787
Profession: Handelsman (Businessman):
1829-12-14 1) Residence:
1829-12-14 Germany, Westpreussen, kr Dirschau, Dirschau 1)
Profession: Handelsman (Businessman) (Händler):
1832-02-29 2) Profession: Handelsman (Businessman) (Händler):
1834-10-31 3) Profession: Handelsman (Businessman) (Händler):
1837-03-22 4)
Family with Rahel Rosenbaum
Hanne Landon (1829 - )
Meier Landon (1832 - 1833)
Rebecka Landon (1834 - )
Mina Landon (1837 - 1839)
Sara Landon