Brian Stern, the names WURM and WIENER #germany

Ellen Barnett Cleary

I am trying to contact Brian Stern who translated the Heinsheim name
adoption list. If you can help me connect with him, I would be very

One of the families I research is on that list. He is listed as #5 Wolf WURM.

This is the first time I have seen the name WURM. I am guessing it is a
patronymic and his father's first name was Wurm.

Is anyone familiar with the name WURM? Can you tell me anything more
about the name WURM?

This family adopted the surname WIENER. Is it unusual to have someone
choose the name WIENER rather than WEINER if they don't live in Vienna?
Thanks for your thoughts.

Ellen Barnett Cleary, San Francisco Calif. ellencleary@...



I am researching the WURMs from Hungary. There are several teories concerning the origin of WUM as a surname:

1. The ancestors of the family originated from the medieval German town of WORMS.
2. Its a fantasy name in contemporary German, meaning WORM in English.
3. Its a fantasy name from old or middle German, meaning Dragon in English (Like in the operas of Wagner.

There rae sveral forms, like WURM, WORM, VURM, VORM etc.


Gyorgy Ujlaki