INTRO - researching families MEYER and KAUFMANN from Mulheim an der Ruhr #germany

Joachim Meyer <joachim.meyer@...>


I just joined the group. I was born in Germany but live for more than
40 years in Tel Aviv, Israel. I speak German, English and Hebrew, have
some experience with genealogical research and am quite good with
computers. My JGFF number is 672053, and I look for information on
families MEYER and KAUFMANN >from Mulheim an der Ruhr and the vicinity.

Happy to join this group, Joachim Meyer, Tel Aviv joachim.meyer@...


Hello Joachim,

I descend directly from the MEYER family from Mülheim an der Ruhr and I have some information that might interest you. Since your message, you may have some information which might be of interest to me as well.

You can e-mail me at this address: maxence_gasiecki@...

Arras, FRANCE.

Robert Weinberg <weinberg@...>

Dear Mr. Meyer, I have on my Stammbaum Else Helene Kaufmann, daughter of Gustav Kaufmann from Mühlheim. she was born in M. 6 Jan 1887. she married Adolf Jonas, born 1872 in Schermbeck. They fled  1939 to the Hague but were caught by the Nazis. He died 9 Sep 1942 in Driebergen.  she was arrested 8 Oct 1943 and deported to Westerbork and then Bergen Belsen where she perished 3 Mar 1945. Their daughater Thea Amalie, born 1909 in M. marrried Simon Sally Daube, born 1897 in Mannheim. They were arrested 8 Oct 1943 in Driebergen NL and were deported 123 Sep 1944 to Bergen-Belsen but survived and emigrate to the US.  Their son Ernst/Ernesto lived in Mexico City and died there 1967. Does this help?  Best wishes, mit freundlichem Gruß, Bob Weinberg