Billy Wilder [who had been a Jewish refugee from Austria in 1934 on the immigrant experience] #germany

Yvonne Stern

[Billy Wilder's films included "Some Like it Hot" and "One, Two, Three", a
Cold War satirical comedy set in 1960 Berlin. The latter is hard to find
but (I think) worth looking for.];t=344s

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At the 1987 (60th) Academy Awards, Billy Wilder was awarded the
Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award. His memorable acceptance
speech expressed in a concise and witty manner the dramatic
situation of immigrants, [based on his own experience in 1934]
Date & Venue : April 11, 1988; Shrine Civic Auditorium, LA.

Wilder was Austrian. He was born Samuel Wilder on 22 June 1906 in
Sucha Beskidzka, Austria-Hungary, not far >from Oswiecim (Auschwitz).
The family moved to Vienna in 1916. Later he enrolled at the University
of Vienna and graduated as journalist. In 1926 he went to Berlin,
the rest is History.

Until his death in March 2002 Billy Wilder lived in Los Angeles.
During his long career he won six Oscars, three for the best picture.

You can see the video at:

To read the speech go to :

Yvonne Stern, Rio de Janeiro

Carol Baird <carol.baird3@...>

My great uncle, Franz Waxman (Wachsmann) was best friends with Billy
Wilder and traveled the immigrant path with him to Hollywood. Franz
also won Academy Awards (2) - one for 'Sunset Boulevard' and one for
'A Place in the Sun,' including many nominations and other awards.
They were so close that Franz named his only child, my cousin, John
** William ** Waxman to honor his best friend, Billy. If you're
interested in Franz's life and career in Hollywood and the founding
of the Los Angeles Music Festival, go to:

Carol Davidson Baird, Solana Beach, CA USA