Why is Susskind a kinnui for Alexander #germany

Eva Lawrence

Realising that I knew very little about Alexander the Great, and rising
to the challenge, I consulted a few text books about his life. I found
out that he married his second wife, a daughter of King Darius, at
Susa, a town in Iran, north of present-day Alexandria (which my Atlas
of Past times also calls Susiana) . So calling someone 'child of Susa'
could have the implication 'child of Alexander', inheriting his success
and nobility. Historically, I believe Susskinds were often prominent
members of their communities; publishers and magistrates spring to mind.

But I'm sorry to report, that I also suspect that the connection between
Alexander the Great and and the word 'Sus' lies in his growing belief,
also recorded in the Atlas, that he was a child of the Roman god Zeus.
That this won't be acceptable to many members of the discussion group
doesn't make it any less likely.

Quite separately, picking up on a previous post, any doting mother
can tell you that a happy child is a sweet child, though the etymology
here is admittedly pretty dodgy.

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Mordechai Perlman

Eva Lawrence, St Albans, UK. eva.lawrence@... wrote about why
Susskind is a kinnui for Alexander.

Actually, Susskind is found to be a kinnui for a number of names in
our traditional literature, such as: Shnei'or, Mordechai, Yekusiel,
Yerachmiel, Yisroel, Simcha. However, it probably is most common with
Aleksander, because of the common latter Hebrew consonants of 'snd'.

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