Searching: Lilli (Lily), daughter of Emma (nee KRAUSE) and Otto HELLER #germany


Dear friends and colleagues,

As part of my research about Otto HELLER (1897-1945), the Austrian
communist of Jewish origin, I am looking for a contact with his only
daughter Lilli, or any of her descendants or relatives.

Lilli (or Lily) was born probably in the late 1920s. In the late
1930s she was in exile in France together with her parents. In 1943
Otto was deported to Auschwitz, and Lilli with her mother Emma to
Ravensbrueck (a women concentration camp in Germany). Otto did not
survive, but Lilli and Emma were liberated and came back to live in

Since the information about Heller is scarce - any connection to the
family could be very helpful.

Please pass this message over to anyone that might have any idea how
to reach Lilli or other relatives.

If you have any information that could lead to Lilli HELLER, or another
relative - please contact me through

Gratefully, Tom Navon, University of Haifa, Israel

Fritz Neubauer

Dear Tom,

you are actually in the wrong place, the proof is that that in the
AUSTRIAN "Dokumentationsarchiv des oesterreichischen Widerstands"
(, you can find a very detailed biography of Otto Heller (I
don't know whether you have all the details?):

"geb. 14. 12. 1897 in Brünn

Schriftsteller. Verheiratet, 1 Tochter.

SDAP. KPČ. KPÖ. Studium der Rechtswissenschaft in Wien und Prag.
1921-1923 Chefredakteur der kommunistischen Tageszeitung "Vorwärts" in
Reichenberg/Liberec. Nach der Ausweisung aus der ÄŒSR 1926-1928
Journalist in Berlin. 1929-1933 Reisen durch die Sowjetunion. 1933
Flucht in die Schweiz, Februar 1934 Wien, 1935-1936 Redakteur der
"Deutschen Zentral-Zeitung" in Moskau. Im Sommer 1936 über Paris nach
Spanien. Sprecher bei Radio Madrid. 1938 nach Frankreich, 1939
inhaftiert. 3. 11. 1941 - 11. 2. 1942 Le Vernet. Ab 1942 als Raymond
Brunet im französischen Widerstand. Als Dolmetscher in eine Dienststelle
der Deutschen Wehrmacht in Lille eingeschleust. Am 23. 12. 1943
verhaftet. Am 31. 7. 1944 mit Convoi 44 von Drancy nach Auschwitz. Ab
25. 1. 1945 Mauthausen und Ebensee.

Gestorben am 26. 3. 1945 in Ebensee."

Since he was a Sudeten German, you should post on the AustroCzech list,

I wish you success

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany