First Rymalower Young Men's Benevolent Association #galicia

Ronald S. Russ <ronruss@...>

My grandfather belonged to this landsmanshaftn many years ago. I know they
far, I know where their burial plots are and that they were formed in 1915.
If anyone knows more about the organization, or the town, I would be
curious in learning about it. Thanks once again.

Ronald S. Russ
Little Rock, AR
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Dear People,

I am writing regarding Ron Russ's Feb.15,1999 inquiry about the First
Rymalower Young Men's Benevolent Association.

In Oscar Israelowitz, "Lower East Side" published by Israelowitz
Publishing, 1996 (A Tourbook), I found a listing for the Rymalower Kehilah
B'nai Jacob. It was located at 218 East 2nd Street. Perhaps the Young Men's
Association was affiliated with the Kehilah.

I hope that Mr. Russ can find out about this question when YIVO reopens.

Naomi Fatouros
Bloomington, IN 47401 USA