Brody and Russian emmigrants #galicia


When I first studied a map of Galicia at the turn of the century I noticed
that Brody appeared to be a natural rail center for the millions on trains
heading >from the Russian Empire and other points to the ports of Hamburg,
etc. That would have made for many fascinating stories and a very busy
place. Has anyone come across anything about Brody (and of course, Hamburg
or Bremen) as a stopping point for the great wave of emmigration to the

David J. Richter
Bloomfield, Michigan

Rafi Guber

I wish I had time to mention all the places Brody appears as the major rail
center bringing Russian Jews to ports of embarkation. As primary source
narratives about the Jewish refugee problem in Brody, I would recommend the
records of the HIAS and the earlier HEAS. In many cases first person
accounts especially during WWI and the Russian Revolution contain the names
of actual families. I would be happy to come up with additional sources
when I return [>from a trip] next week.

Rafi Guber

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Marjorie Rosenfeld <marjorierosenfeld@...>

I have written the person who asked the question about Brody as an
immigration center, suggesting he take a look at:


Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld <marjorierosenfeld@...>
Carlsbad, CA

Andreas Inhofner <inhofner@...>

I know that there is some information about imigration to Galicia, and
especially Brody, >from the 1880's. Even earlier, in September 1851, the
Austrian Governor of Galicia, Count Goluchowski, had visited Brody and
expressed his indignation about letting the refugees come into the town.
(The Jewish town fathers of Brody, however, founded a number of charitable
organizations in the 1860's -- Brody Yizkor book, p. 284).

Are there any books, documents or information available about this period?

My great-grandfather, a Galician Jew, studied medicine at Lemberg/L'viv,
but my grandfather was born 1862 in Radziwillow, a Russian town near Brody.
I am sure that it was easy at this time to cross the [Russian] border
unlawfully, but how to live and work there? According to his personal
record, my grandfather went to a German speaking Primary School in
Radziwillow in the Russian Empire.

Andreas Inhofner

Searching for: NUSSBAUM, GUTTMANN, CZECHER, METANOMSKI >from Brody, Galicia,
now Ukraina; CZECHER >from Debica, Galicia, now Poland; METANOMSKI from
Boryslaw, Galicia, now Ukraina. Same names and KULKA, KORNFELD from
Vienna, Austria, Switzerland, New York and White Plains, NY. HIRSCHHORN

from Sambor, Galicia, now Ukraina, later Vienna and New York.