JewishGen, making the Internet a better place to do research #galicia

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

To Galicia SIG, forwarded >from JewishGen:

We are most pleased to inform our readership that JewishGen has been chosen
by the Genealogy Forum on AOL to receive the Best Site Pick for the month of
December 1999.

GFSByron@... writes in part:
"Your site has been chosen because of its comprehensive nature in providing
a resource for people searching their Jewish heritage. For over fourteen
years, JewishGen has been the leader in plowing the path of Jewish genealogy
on the cyber-world making it easier for those that follow behind. JewishGen
not only provides surname databases where researchers can find each other
and join efforts, but the volunteers at JewishGen have a gold mine by freely
sharing their knowledge through research aids to help people learn where to
search for their ancestors. JewishGen also needs to be commended for
realizing the effects of working as a team not only among their 200+
volunteers but with numerous other Jewish interest groups as well.

The information and organization of your site shows your dedication and
effort in providing easily accessible information to other genealogists. On
behalf of the Genealogy Forum on AOL, we would like to thank you for your
time and effort in making the Internet a better place to do research."

To view the award logo go to our homepage, <>
and scroll down to the very bottom of the page. We display it proudly and
with heartfelt thanks to our volunteers who work behind the scenes, to those
who have come forth with their financial support of our efforts, and to all
who contribute the information they have acquired, thus participating in the
JewishGen mission of "preserving our history for future generations."

May I join with AOL and say to you all... well done!

Susan and the Officers and Board of JewishGen


Mis felicitaciones a la organizacion JewishGen por haber
merecidamente ganado el premio otorgado por AOL, que
selecciona entre cientos de lugares (sites) dedicados a

Tanto Susan King como todo el resto de voluntarios que hacen
posible este regalo para nosotros, merecen nuestra eterna
gratitud y respeto. No solo es la calidad profesional de la
tarea sino tambien el hecho de que toda la informacion que JG
recibe es completamente abierta a todos sus miembros y accesible
al mundo. JG cumple su objetivo de proveer un lugar abierto,
organizado y profesional, donde investigadores de todo el mundo
pueden conducir sus investigaciones en su propio tiempo. JG es
realmente un ejemplo de profesionalismo y Democracia en accion.

Por mi parte debo decirles que me hace sentir muy orgullosa de ser
miembro de JewishGen. Felicitaciones por un trabajo bien hecho!!!!

My sincere congratulations to the JewishGen organization for
having, so deservedly, received the award granted by AOL. JG
was chosen among hundreds of Genealogical sites.

Susan King as well as the rest of the volunteer team that make
this "present" for us, deserve our eternal gratitude and respect.
Not only is it dueto the professional quality of the job but also
the fact that all the information that JG receives is then
completely open to all its users and made accessible to the
rest of the world. JG achieves its objective by providing an open
site, organized and professional, where researchers >from around
the world may conduct their research on their own time.
JG is truly an example of professionalism and Democracy in action.
As for me, I must say that it makes me feel very proud to be a
subscriber to JewishGen. Congratulations on a job well done!!!

Gladys Rothman