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I think genealogists better start objecting to the idea of a census poll
instead of an actual count. It is true most of us won't be around when
this census is released, but any of our descendants who wish to persue
their family's history will not have a census to help them. I know how
much the Census helped me get started in my searches and polls will
completely deny us this tool. I am aware of the political deviousness
behind the suggestion of not conducting a count, but as a family history
searcher, my reasons are more personal than political. I can't wait for
the 1930 census to be released in 4yrs to obtain more information about my
family, many of whom came after the 1920 census. I found out a great deal
of useful information >from various census' and would be sad if those in the
future won't have this.
KIPNIS - Bazar or Norodich(Ukr), Chicago
STEINMAN - Bazar, Norodich, Chicago
HOLTZMAN, HOLZMAN - Motol, Muttela (Blr), Chicago
GREENBERG(MELAMID) - Antopol(don't know which one) Chicago
MAIMAN - Bazar, Chicago

Sylvia Greenberg

Beth Wellington <bwelnrfp@...>

I think genealogists better start objecting to the idea of a census poll
instead of an actual count.
Curiously, although I don't know why, I have not been counted in a census
during my adult life (1980, 1990), so I think that the term "actual count"
is naive.

Beth Wellington

Cyril & Sandy Alberga <alberg1@...>

If you look at the proposals, no-one, as far as I know, is saying there
won't be a regular census with questions for all and sundry. What they
want to do is over and above the usual. After the regular forms are
returned (or perhaps at the same time) there would be a (if you will
pardon the expression) blitz of selected areas, with real live
enumerators going door to door and making return visits if nobody is
home the first time. Then, based on the difference in response between
the mail-in forms for the area and the in-person interviews, they would
adjust the population figures.

So, I don't think our children will have anything to worry about, as far
as seeing our names in the files.

Cyril N. Alberga

George Friedman

Written by Sylvia Greenberg :
I think genealogists better start objecting to the idea of a census poll
instead of an actual count. (SNIP)
Folks, if you want to take sides on an issue, get the facts straight.
Re. this particular issue, please note: NO ONE HAS SUGGESTED THAT AN
ACTUAL COUNT NOT BE TAKEN! The Census Bureau has proposed a statistical
addition to the actual count to catch at least the numbers of those
people who are known to be missed in every count. It would make the
total a more accurate reflection of the actual population, without in
the least measure decreasing the information available to genealogists
in 2072.

So be for or against the proposal on its merits, but please don't hold up
the straw man of loss of genealogical data. This won't happen.

George Friedman
Champaign, IL

Plutsk <plutsk@...>

Although I am a genealogist too, we cannot expect that the debate swirling
around the decennial census will be steered by genealogical considerations.
The purpose of the census -- toward which many millions of tax dollars are
spent, and through which billions of Federal dollars are allocated -- is
basically to apportion the Congress among the States. This requires only a
head count.

The debate concerns whether the population determination is legally and
appropriately made using statistical techniques to augment the head count, or
whether only the count itself is proper. The specific pieces of information
collected are very much secondary, and are not at all central to the current

Steve GOLD
Detroit area

Phyllis Cole <phylliscole@...>

Could anyone out there scan a copy of the long form to GG so that we can
know exactly what was being asked. If you have it, of course. Belarus SIG
doesn't want to talk about it anymore. The discussion there was ancestry,
ethnicity, and religion. It seemed everyone that posted had a different idea
what was being asked.

Thank you

Phyllis Cole
New Jersey

PS: I have tried to find a copy of the long form on the internet to no

MODERATOR NOTE: If anyone plans to scan the copy of the long form, just let
us know that you have done so, and those who are interested can contact you

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