Searching: MINTZER from Strelisker, Poland #galicia


Has anyone heard of Strelisker, Poland? If so how can I find more
information? I believe my mother came >from Strelisker - her maiden name was
MINTZER. Thank you for your help.

Rose Boxer
Ocala, Florida

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>

Rose Boxer wrote about the town named Strelisker.

This appears to be a common mistake made by our Genners [JewishGen
researchers] when a town is identified with the "er" at the end.

"Er" at the end is usually associated with Jewish "landsmanshaftn",
associations of people who have common ancestry in particular shtetl,
for example: Stryyer, Lodzer, Varshaver, and so on. It make me Boryslaver.

You will identify the shtetl name in this case by simply deleting 'er'.
[Strelisker is really Strelisk. See below.]

Town Strelisk (Polish: Strzeliska Nowe), is now known as Novyye Strelishcha,
Ukraine. Located 50 km SE of Lviv in what used to be known as Bobrka
county. 828 Jewish souls were residents of this shtetl in the interwar
period (WOWW data). O. MUNZER (u umlaut) was registered as town bricklayer
in 1929 Poland Business directory.


Alexander Sharon