Polish State Archives Delivery of Copies - URGENT #galicia

Shelley K. Pollero <rkpollero@...>

Dear Galicia SIG members,

With the permission of Stanley Diamond, Coordinator of JRI-Poland, I
am reprinting a message that was posted to the JRI-Poland discussion
group by its Board of Directors. If you have any feedback about the
Polish State Archives (PSA)/JRI-Poland system for ordering copies,
please contact JRI-Poland. Galicia researchers may find this message of
great interest.

Subject: Delivery of copies by PSA - URGENT
From: JRIPoland@aol.com
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 02:09:11 EDT

If you have ordered copies of records >from the Polish State Archives
(PSA) since the start of the JRI-Poland / PSA project, we need your
URGENT help!

As you may recall, on July 1 there was a change in the system of
ordering copies of records >from the PSA. Orders are now sent to the
branch archives instead of headquarters in Warsaw.

At a meeting on Tuesday, October 17, the PSA asked JRI-Poland how we
think new system is working. However, with very few exceptions,
researchers have not advised JRI-Poland about their experience so we
could not give the PSA a knowledgable answer.

Therefore, if you have ordered records directly >from the PSA at any time
using the JRI-Poland database and the JRI-Poland on-line order form,
please let us know the following information for EACH order you have

Date order mailed to Poland:

Sent/Addressed to: [name of archive branch or PSA Warsaw]

Number of records ordered

Date on the covering letter you received >from the archives confirming
your order.

Date on the covering letter accompanying the records you received from
the archives.

If you do not have all the information, please estimate to the best of
your ability but do let us know if it is, in fact, an estimate.

Please send this information to us at <JRIPoland@aol.com>

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Board of Directors,
Jewish Records Indexing-Poland

Judy Baston
Stanley Diamond
Peter Jassem
Barbara Khait
Hadassah Lipsius
Stuart Richler
Michael Richman
Vladimir Rozenbaum
Sheila Salo
Michael Tobias
Steven Zedek

Please respond directly to JRI-Poland at at <JRIPoland@aol.com> .

Please do not write to me. I have no further information.

Shelley Kellerman Pollero, Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland