1910 Census Indexes For NEW YORK CITY and NEW YORK STATE on CD-ROM -- taking orders #galicia

Don and Sandy Hirschhorn <donsandyh@...>

We know many of you have been waiting a long time for this. It's just about
here. Your JewishGen Mall is now taking orders for the upcoming, brand new
1910 Indexes on CD-ROM at a special pre-publication price. You can order
one for New York City and/or one for New York State which includes the
entire state except for the City.

The New York City Census Index of 1910, part of the Thirteenth Census of the
United States, lists approximately 2,725,000 individuals. Searches can be
made by head of household name, other surnames in household, age, sex, race,
birthplace, locality, and county. The film number and page reference are
included so you can easily obtain a copy of the original record.

Exactly the same information is available on the CD-Rom for the New York
State Census Index of 1910.

At this time we do not have an exact delivery date but your CD-Roms will be
shipped as soon as our supplier has them in hand. Please be patient, your
order will be taken care of.

Product requirements are Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Pentium 100+, 16 MB RAM,
4x CD-ROM and 88 MB free hard drive space.

Now the other good news. There is now an easier way to get into the
JewishGen Mall. Just go into http://www.jewishgen.org> and scroll down a
little bit on the home page till you see the purple box for the Mall. Click
on this and you're in. Click on "Browse Mall" and scroll down to Software
and CD-Roms. You will find both indexes listed alphabetically.

"Don and Sandy Hirschhorn"