Please help with these Galizianer names #galicia

lilian schorr <lilianschorr@...>

Dear Genners

I would thank you so much if you can give me any indication of what these
names means, where they came >from or their relation to any English names.

1. Huchim (suppose it is a male name)
2. Gisie (female?)
3. Katze (female?)
4. Wolf (male)

What would the possible Americanized names to be adopted???

Thank you very much to all of you knowledgeable genners.

Lilian Schorr Landes

Richard Cooper <ric@...>

Dear Lilian

I'm not an expert, but I can offer a couple of suggestions:

1) In the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet, 'N' looks like our 'H'. So 'Huchim'
could be 'Nuchim', which is a variant of the biblical male name 'Nachum'
that I have seen in Tarnopol records. Could become Norman

2) Dunno. Sorry! Maybe 'Yetta' or 'Jessie'?

3) 'Ketzel' meaning 'kitten' is a general term of endearment for a small
child, so 'Katze' might be a variant. Also, my great-grandmother and her
niece were both called 'Guttel' (pronounced 'Gitel'): to differentiate them,
one was called 'Gitche' while the other was called 'Gertie' or 'Kate' - all
quite like 'Katze'

4)'Wolf' generally stayed 'Wolf' - the Hebrew version is 'Zeev' or 'Zvi'.
Maybe 'William' or 'Willy'??

Ric Cooper
Gosport, UK
Researching ADLER and FINKELSTEIN >from Ternopil, LEZTER and SALENDER from
Rzeszow, MILLET >from Dabrowa Tarnowska

Ganot <o_ganot@...>

You wrote:
4)'Wolf' generally stayed 'Wolf' - the Hebrew version is 'Zeev' or 'Zvi'.
Maybe 'William' or 'Willy'??
You were right with "wolf"="Zeev", but "Zvi" in Hebrew means deer, or
Hirsch, Hersch etc. in Yiddish/German.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ilan Ganot,
Holon, Israel