translation of birth certificate #galicia

GilaMiriam Chait <gilamiriamchait@...>

Your grandmother was born on 13 June 1883, she was
legitimate, the occupation of her father is not given,
the name of the midwife was Szajkone (Mrs.Szajko), she
was named on 16 June by Szinger, and the name of the
witness was Jakob Herskovics.

Gila Miriam Chait

--- annsel <> wrote: >

I would appreciate any help I could receive with
translating my
Grandmother's birth certificate. I am particularly
interested in knowing the
town of her birth as well as the town where her
parents were from. I have
looked on maps but have never found what I think are
the town names. I
believe the town was near Debrecen and near or on a
I posted the certificate on VM2244

Please respond to me privately.

Thank You for helping. I enjoy this site and find it
very interesting

Anne Selikov

milton koch <miltonkoch@...>

I have posted a birth certificate of my grandmother, Feige Barbasz/Ginsberg,
from Podovolchisk, in Viewmate- VM5070
I need help in translating the bottoms section- that is- the longest
Pleas reply privately to my email address.

Milton Koch
Potomac, MD USA