To many Mikolajow? #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Hi Galizyaners,

I have been trying for some time to resolve the confusing issue of the
Eastern Galician towns known as Mikolajow within the JGFF database.

Currently, JGFF database lists 176 researchers who cover 276 entries for
town Mykolaiv in Ukraine.

What is so confusing about?

It appears that the majority of the researchers are exploring their roots in
the mighty Jewish town (close to 22,000 Jewish population) of Mykolaiv (ex
Nikolayev) of the Russian Empire, located close to Odessa and the Black Sea.

Somewhere within those entries are most probably lost Galicia researchers of
the three Eastern Galician towns Mikolajow.

I'd like you to identify those particular towns and change your entries in
JGFF database, please contact JGFF Helpdesk.

Town Mikolajow, district Zydaczow, Stanislawow Province, at 4931 2359. Town
is listed in WOWW as Mykolaiv (Lwow area) with 498 (1921 census) Jewish
population. Latest available data for town Jewish population is 559 (1931
census, re: Pinkas Hakehilot, Poland, vol.II).
Town is located approx. halfway between towns Stryy and Lviv on the Dniester

There is not known Yzkor Book for this shtetl.

Current town name: Mykolayiv. I have added this town to JGFF database as:
Mykolayiv, (on Dniester), on the JGFF researcher's request.

Village Mikolajow, district Bobrka, Lwow Province, at 4946 2421. Town is not
listed WOWW gazetteer and in JGFF database. Pinkas Hakehilot identifies 315
Jews in this locality (out of 938 total population). 1929 Poland Business
Directory lists numerous Jewish business owners.
There is no known Yzkor Book for shtetl.
Current town name is: Nikolyev.
If you would like to change your entry in JGFF database, please contact JGFF
Helpdesk, it will be entered to the system as: Nikolayev, (near Bobrka)

Village Mikolajow, district Radziechow, Tarnopol Province, at 5021 2459.
Town is not listed in WOWW but is listed in the translated Yzkor Book for
I could not identify number of Jewish residents of this town. Yzkor Book
lists Holocausts victims names and there are Jewish surnames shown in the
1929 Poland Business Directory.
Current town name is: Mikolayiv.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

Brian J. Lenius <brian@...>


Regarding the Jewish populations in the 3 Eastern Galicia communities by the
name of Mikolajow, Alexander Sharon indicated the Jewish populations for
1921 and 1931. Since there were no actual numbers available for the
Mikolajow in Radziechow district, I have provided statistics >from two others
sources and also provided the numbers >from these 2 sources for the two other
places by the same name in eastern Galicia. The two additional sources are:

1. A statistical study by Volodymyr Kubijovyc published in 1983 provides
estimated population for all ethnic groups based primarily on the 1931
census extrapolated to January 1, 1939. The extrapolation is based on
several others sources explained in his study.
Full reference: ?Kubijovyc, Volodymyr. Ethnic groups of the
South-Western Ukraine (Halycyna - Galicia) 1.1.1939. 1983. Wiesbaden,
Germany. Otto Harrassowitz. Text in Ukrainian (cyrillic) and English
languages. Statistical tables and indexes in Ukrainian (cyrillic), Ukrainian
(transliterated), and Polish languages. 175 pages.

2. The official published statistical report whose title is usually known
in short form as the "Gemeindelexikon der Galizien" was published in 1907
and was "the" compiled result of the 1900 Austrian census.
Full reference: ?K.K. statistischen Zentralkommission.
Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Lander:
Bearbeitet auf Grund der Ergebnisse der Volkszahlung vom 31. Dezember 1900.
Bd 12: Galizien. 1907. Wien (Vienna), Austria. German language. 1024 pages.

Adding these two sources to those provided by Alexander Sharon results in:

Mikolajow (Zydaczow dist.)
454 (1900 census, Gemeindelexikon)
498 (1921 census, WOWW)
559 (1931 census, Pinkas Hakehilot)
600 (est. 1939, Kubijovyc)

Mikolajow (Bobrka dist.)
314 (1900 census, Gemeindelexikon)
n/a (1921 census, WOWW)
315 (1931 census, Pinkas Hakehilot)
300 (est. 1939, Kubijovyc)

Mikolajow (Radziechow dist.)
60 (1900 census, Gemeindelexikon)
n/a (1921 census, WOWW)
n/a (1931 census, Pinkas Hakehilot)
50 (est. 1939, Kubijovyc)

I hope that this provides at least some indication of the relative Jewish
population of Mikolajow (Radziechow dist.) and perhaps some interesting or
useful data for other time periods for all three places.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian J. Lenius
Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada