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Henry Schwartz wrote:
Does anyone have the book Helkat Mehokek that list the names of people who
are buried on Mount of Olives?
Helkat Mehokek tombstone inscriptions cover the years1740-1906, but only
some sections of Mount of Olives Cemetery in Jerusalem.
The Israel Genealogical Society (IGS) has published the index
(translated/transliterated to English or Latin letters) on a special CD
prepared for the 2004 Jerusalem International Conference on Jewish
Genealogy. The CD contains 14 projects (Indexes/bibliographies) .
The IGS site has an online consolidated index on its website.
Go to: http://www.isragen.org.il/ROS/index.html

Mathilde Tagger
Israel Genealogical Society
Jerusalem Branch

Billie Stein <billie.stein@...>

'Helkat Mehokek' is a collection of 4 booklets by Asher Leib
Brisk published in 1913. It includes copies of tombstone
inscriptions >from part of the Mount of Olives cemetery in

The Israel Genealogical Society (IGS) is proud to announce that
Helkat Mehokek has been completely indexed and digitiized. The
result is a bi-lingual (Hebrew-English) searchable database of
8,092 tombstones, mostly covering the period of 1740-1906, while
the earliest inscription dates >from 1646.

There are 1,500 graves of Sephardim and 6592 of Ashkenazim, many
of them originally >from Galicia.

The inscriptions listed by Brisk cover graves >from the top part
of the Mount of Olives Cemetery, a part that has totally been
destroyed under Jordanian rule (1948-1967) to make room for the
building of a hotel and a road. The destruction of the tombstones
thereby makes this work the only source for some of this
information. Some of the information can be found in records of
the various Hevrot Kadisha in Jerusalem.

Before searching the database, IGS team highly recommends reading
the instructions preceding the search engine.

The database is located on the IGS English website at:

and on the IGS Hebrew website at:

Billie Stein
President, Tel Aviv Branch - IGS