New materials on Tel-Aviv, Jaffa and Petah Tikva available to the public #galicia

Billie Stein <billie.stein@...>

The Israel Genealogical Society has made the following materials
available to all researchers. The two databases were originally in
Hebrew and the names have been transliterated in to English.

1915 Census of Tel-Aviv

The country of birth is not mentioned in this census, but as a large
proportion spoke Yiddish, it is likely that many of the people had
Galizianer roots.

British Mandate Census 1922 - Petah Tikva & Tel-Aviv - Jaffa
This database is about 1/5 of the Jewish population in Eretz Israel
at that time. This is all that remains of the original census to the
best of our knowledge.

We wish to thank the municipal archives of Tel-Aviv - Jaffa and
Petah Tikvah for making these materials available to us.

Billie Stein
President, Tel Aviv Branch
Isael Genealogical Society