Skole #galicia

Ilan Ganot <iganot@...>

Stuart Ungar wrote:
My maternal grandmother was born in Skola Austria

Hello Stuart,

Skola may be identified with Skole. Skole belonged until WW-I to Eastern
Galicia, which belonged then to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
After WW-I it belonged to the re-independent Poland, and after WW-II
became part of Western Ukraine.
Skole is situated at the following coordinates north of the Carpathian
Mountains: 49 deg 02' N, 23 deg 31' E, south-west of Stryj at the Stanislawow

Additional information is available at the following JewishGen link:

Best regards,

Ilan Ganot,
Holon, Israel
Researching the SPIEGEL family >from Synowodzko Wyzne near Skole

Stuart Ungar

Hi all,

I will be putting a ShtetLinks site together for the town of Skole
soon. This is where my maternal grandmother was born and
lived with her family. Her maiden name was Greenberg (or

I haven't visited (yet) and would love to hear >from others who
are familiar with the area or have ancestors >from there as well.
I would love to see photos if at all possible.

Thank you,
Stuart UNGAR