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AVI LISHOWER <lishower@...>

hello Monty
i am >from israel
and mad a intensive research in the vilnius archive=20
i reveal recently my mother ancester is >from keidan at list sins 1745
if you want further information please reply to me

best regad
avi lishower

From: Monty Starr <monty@...>
To: Keidan SIG <keidan@...>
Subject: Introduction
Date: =E9=E5=ED =F8=E1=E9=F2=E9 17 =F4=E1=F8=E5=E0=F8 1999 20:48

Monty Starr, Birmingham, England
Both my parents were Keidaners and came over in 1924,my father, and 1925,
my mother and sister.
The respective family names were Strasunsky and Schneider. Two of my
father's young nephews survived because they were away at scout camp and
went with the Russians and now live in Israel. Two of my mother's brother=
survived in the Lithuanian Jewish army unit, Moshe and Tevye. Moshe
remained in Vilnius and Tevye is alive and living in Rehovot.
If any one has made use of the Keidan archive in Vilnius I should be
pleased to hear about it.
I look forward to joining your circle.

Hector Mondrik <topt@...>

there aren't Jewish cemetery in San Miguel. Due the year Leib died probably
hi is buried in Liniers cemetery. I suggest you should contact the Jewish
Genealogical Society of Argentina who probably had the info.
Hector Mondrik

A. Cassel <acassel@...>

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Welcome, Sara Yakubovski! It's wonderful to hear >from someone with such
close ties to Keidan. Any material you have -- especially letters >from your
heroic uncle, Chaim Ronder -- and can share would be most deeply
appreciated. I hope we hear a great deal more >from you.

All the best,


Andrew Cassel

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hear from=20
someone with such close ties to Keidan. Any material you have -- =
letters >from your heroic uncle, Chaim Ronder -- and can share would be =
deeply appreciated. I hope we hear a great deal more from=20
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A.Cassel <acassel@...>

David Pemstein:

It is truly amazing to me how the Keidaner circles remain unbroken. Your
introduction immediately reminded me of part of a memoir which my
grandfather wrote in 1940, describing in great detail how Simchas Torah was
celebrated back in Keidan. The account -- which appeared in Yiddish in 1940,
in a booklet published to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Keidaner
Association of New York -- contains a number of mini-portraits of memorable
figures >from the old town. One lovely section in particular describes the
annual holiday banquet of the Khevra Kadisha, the burial society. Here is
part of that:


Gershon Pimshtein, the bookbinder, was a cheerful pauper. But besides being
the Torah-reader in the shul and a fine musician, he was also a stutterer.
Remarkably, however, he stuttered only in Yiddish. When it came to Hebrew,
such as in reading the Torah or praying, he spoke smoothly, without a hint
of a stammer. His Torah recitations were actually quite melodious, and it
was very pleasant to hear him lead the congregation.

After Gershon had had a few drinks, he offered up his favorite chant:

"Oy, v'kol ma'aminim! [And all believe]
"G-G-od m-m-must b-b-be s-s-served,
"M-m-must b-b-e s-s-served sh-sh-should be s-s-served.
"And w-w-why sh-sh-shouldn't he b-b-be s-s-served?
"And w-w-when we s-s-serve him w-we m-must h-h-have a l-l-lit-tle v-v-odka!"
"Hatseyfe laroshe v'khofeytz behitsodka." [And the wicked are turned toward

And so forth, rhyming in stammered Yiddish the verses of "V'kol ma'aminim,"
which sounds very melodic when sung, although not when stammered.


This is easily my favorite of all the Keidan memoirs I've come across, and
one day I'd like to see it published somewhere commercially. (Which is why
it's not on the web site.) But I'll be happy to email you the full text if
you like.

Meanwhile, welcome to the Keidan group, and thanks for sharing your family

All the best,


Andrew Cassel

Eleanor Platt Q.C. <kbx62@...>

dear Andrew,
Are there any references to Family name Solomir or Sholomir in this book?
Eleanor Lind London UK

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Dear Annette,

I'm responding to your post in this forum in case it will help other
subscribers with their family research. Some of your family mysteries might
be solved by searching the JRI-Poland database at
<>. I did a quick search and
found the following:

1) in Piotrkow Trybunalski there was only one BLUMENSZTEJN, but numerous
BLUMSZTEJNs. In particular, there were 3 birth records for BLUMSZTEJN Ita in
1878, who might be your Yetta BLUMSTEIN who married in 1899 in Manchester.
Order the Piotrkow Tryb microfilms >from your local Mormon Family History
Center to check this out.

2) in Lodz, there was a birth record for a FERBER Ruchla in 1867, and a
marriage record for FERBER Ruchla and GOLDBERG Mosek in 1896. They might be
your Morris and Rachel (nee' FARBER) GOLDBERG, who hosted Annie GOLDBERG's
wedding. The 1867 record will be on the Mormon microfilms and you can order
the marriage record >from the Lodz Archives (follow the link at the bottom of
the search results page).

3) in Piotrkow Trybunalski, a GOLDBERG Moszek was born in 1868. He could be
the same person as in 2) above. Check it out in the Piotrkow Tryb microfilms.

I hope this information gives you a start to your family research.

Shirley Flaum

Subject: Introduction
From: Annette Young <granynet@...>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 15:14:49 -0800
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Dear Lodz researchers,
I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself as I find this web site
very informative. I recently started researching on my Paternal side of
family including my Grandmother born Yetta Blumenstein or Blumstein
according to Marriage and death certificate. Death certificate says born in
Piotkrow around 1878. her parents were Mark and Rebecca as listed on
marriage license in Manchester, England in 1899. Story told was that she
wanted to marry cousin in Piotrkow so parents sent her to Manchester to stay
with other relatives. She ended up marrying her cousin Abraham Cohen. I
believe her mother Rebecca was a Goldberg prior to marriage as Abraham's
Mother was Hana [Annie Goldberg Cohen] and the marriage took place in the
home of Morris Goldberg and Rachael Farber Goldberg. Morris was the nephew
of Annie Goldberg my GGGrandmother. The Goldbergs were also born in Poland
as well as the Farbers. Have been unable to find any information on the
Blumensteins as yet.
Hana Goldberg's family has been easier to research as we have found many
living relatives.
Another puzzle is Abraham's father, my great grandfather Morris Cohen as we
were told family changed name when emigrating to England. Morris is listed
as Moses on his son Joseph's death certificate in 1908 in Los Angeles CA.
It shows Joseph as being born in Russia and his older sister Rachael as
being born in Poland 1867 and 1869. Abraham was born in Berlin in 1877. Last
siblinng Ester listed as being born in Manchester, Eng. 1879. Was told
Morris came >from White Russia but seeing he married a Polish girl I suspect
he must have resided in one of the Polish [Russian period] shetls. Was told
previous name was Seid.
SEID, COHEN, Belarus, Poland, Manchester Eng. >USA
BLUMSTEIN, BLUMENSTEIN, Piotrkow, Lodz, England> USA
MARGOLIASH, MARGOLIUS, MARGOLESE: Raseiniai, Lithuania, Memel, Sassmacken,
Glasgow, Scotland>Montreal Canada
OLSHWANG-Kaunas, Courland
Annette Young, Westminster, CA. USA


Dieter Schimmelpfennig <dieter@...>

Der Kreis Belgard-Schivelbein in Pommern
Belgard-Schivelbein Mailingliste
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Ansprechpartner für Belgard-Schivelbein im "Pommerscher Greif e.V."

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Dear Moderator and listmembers,

the first web site has a "Translate" button on every page which leads you
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Dieter Schimmelpfennig

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Peter I.Hidas <thidas@...>

On Thursday, Aug 5, 2004, at 08:04 Canada/Eastern, William Schwartz

Okay, I've been shamed into coming out of my lurking den. Actually, I
related to a recent post regarding (a) too many dead ends, (b) busy
busy life.

My mother's family (Petrover) lived in Hajdusamson until approximately
1935 when (according to my mother) the family home and business were
confiscated and they were forced to move to Nyireghaza. I was born in Nyireghaza
in 1944. My mother's maternal grandparents (Wertheimer) lived in
Nyirbator or Nyirbogat. The Petrover side of the family was originally >from Rachov
(again . . . I think). I haven't been able to find ANYTHING relating to her
immediate family in either Hajdusamson or Nyireghaza. The Red Cross
has been able to track some information about the death of some of the
family but I haven't found any birth or marriage records anywhere. I've
tried the LDS Library and everything online that I could think of. Any other
Erika Schwartz
Santa Clarita, CA
Have you tried the Orszagos Leveltar (National Archives) of Hungary? At
their Becsi-ut film division you will more than likely find all the
info you need. I believe you can locate the OL on the internet and
order county lists of Jews for given years.

Mississauga, Ontario

tom klein <h-sig@...>

I would also like to welcome you to the group - my father's family was >from Be'ke'scsaba, including KLEIN and FISCHLOVITS families.

....... tom klein, toronto

=?ISO-8859-2?Q?B=E9la_Mihalik?= <mihalikbela@...> wrote:

This is my first letter to the List, so I introduce myself in a few words.
I'am Be'la Vilmos Mihalik >from Budapest, Hungary. So I sorry in advance
for my grammar and other mistakes in English language. I study at
University yet: history and archive subjects. I started search on my
roots 2 years ago.

I do general searching for the following families and towns in:
Kurtag: Bekescsaba, Kolozsvar (now Cluj, RO), Lugos (now Lugoj, RO).
Stern: Temesv=E1r (Timisoara, RO), Temesmedves (now in Romania),
Weisz: Bekescsaba, Lugos (now Lugoj, RO).

Other related families are >from Bekescsaba and it's area: Grunbaum,
Goldfinger, Schneweisz or Schneeweisz, Wertheim, Wertheimer,
Dadovits, Kulka, Kulpin, Markus, Strausz.

I have some concrete family, person who I looking for:
1. Descendants of Albert Kurtag: he was born in 1903, Arad. Settled to
New York, married there to an unknown person in 1926. His parents
were Jakab (1881-?) and Maria Kurtag (1881-1945).
2. Descendants of Herbert Schatteles: grandson of Etel Kurtag, son of
Emil Schatteles. He lived in New York, his descendants live also
somewhere in NY state.
3. Anna Kurtag and Malwine Kurtag: They moved to USA in 1922. No
more information.
4. Family of Yaffa Schpitzer: she was daughter of Zsenka Kurtag, she
was a beauty queen: Miss Tel-Aviv 1950.

If anyone can help, I thanks it in advance, as I also try to help.

Good luck,
B=E9la Mihalik,
Budapest, Hungary

Gábor Hirsch <g_hirsch@...>

Dear Bela Mihalik

I can't give you any iknformation about your family members in the USA, on the other side I might have some lists about your relatives in Bekescsaba. I listed here >from the Jewish Census of the neolog community 1944 April (Jaross lista) the names of the Goldfinger, Grunbaum, Kulpin, Kurtag, Markus, Stern families, some may be related other not. I added Csato Kalmanne, because we had afare away relativ Csato Olga, she lives or lived in Israel/Nahariya. (I left out the Families Weisz as there are more than 50 only in the neolog community)
from Bekes megye there exists a book in the Nevek Serie, based on the 1944 Jewish Census, where you can find more or less every Jew, who lived in Bekes county, it might be present also in the Holocaust Documentation Center in the Pava utca, the Jaross list of Bekes must be available in the archive of Debrecen as the Gendarmerie and Deportation Center of Bekes and in the county archive of Bekes (Gyula)
Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Name Firstname Mothersname Wife/Maidenname Address
Goldfinger Arnold Kurtag Tere’z Hajnal u. 30
Goldfinger Arnoldne’ Weisz Ra’chel Hajnal u. 30
Goldfinger Kato Weisz Ra’chel Hajnal u. 30
Goldfinger Hendrik Freund Ma’ria Klapka u. 3
Goldfinger Hendrikne’ Spitzer Betti Klapka u. 3
Goldfinger Eta Spitzer Betti Klapka u. 3
Goldfinger Jeno n. Spitzer Betti Klapka u. 3
Goldfinger Tibor Klapka u. 3
Goldfinger Manone’ Pollitzer Anna szu:l. Klein E’va Szemere u. 13
Goldfinger E’va szu:l. Klein E’va Szemere u. 13
Goldfinger Gyo:rgy szu:l. Klein E’va Szemere u. 13
Gru:nbaum Zsigmondne’ Hungerleider Franci szu:l. Engel Fa’ni Sziv u. 16
Gru:nbaum Rezso: Blau Julianna Pilsudszky u. 16
Gru:nbaum Rezso:ne’ Abstetter Margit Pilsudszky u. 16
Gru:nbaum E’va Abstetter Margit Pilsudszky u. 16
Gru:nbaum Magda Abstetter Margit Pilsudszky u. 16
Gru:nbaum Fu:lo:p Gruber Re’zi v. Go:mbo:s Gy. u.19
Kulpin Ferenc Lo:wi Fanni Andra’ssy u. 19
Kulpin Ferencne’ Gru:nwald Janka Andra’ssy u. 19
Kulpin Jozsef Gru:nwald Janka Andra’ssy u. 19
Kulpin Ede Lo:wi Fa’ni Andra’ssy u. 19
Kulpin Ede’ne’ Adler Rozsi Andra’ssy u. 19
Kulpin Katalin Adler Rozsi Andra’ssy u. 19
Kulpin Zsuzsanna Adler Rozsi Andra’ssy u. 19
Kulpin Miha’ly n. Lo:wi Fanni Szt. Istva’n t. 14
Kulpin Miha’lyne’ Sennenfeld Ilona Szt. Istva’n t. 14
Kulpin E’va Sennenfeld Ilona Szt. Istva’n t. 14
Kulpin Imre Weimberger Mariska Kossuth te’r 4
Kulpin Imre’ne’ Erdo:s Anna Kossuth te’r 4
Kulpin Ma’rkus Hirsch Roza Klebelsberg K. u. 19
Kulpin Ma’rkusne’ Weinberger Mariska Klebelsberg K. u. 19
Kurta’g Igna’c Rosner Hani Csiki u. 10
Kurta’g Igna’cne’ Weinstein Regina Csiki u. 10
Stern Sa’ndor Cinner Franciska Felso:ko:ro:ssor 17/a
Stern Sa’ndorne’ Horovitz Zsuzsanna Felso:ko:ro:ssor 17/a
Stern Mariann Horovitz Zsuzsanna Felso:ko:ro:ssor 17/a
Stern Ma’rton n. Steingernbaum Karola Aradi u. 5
Stern Ma’rtonne’ Herschkovits Mili Tesedik u. 34
Stern Endre Herschkovits Mili Tesedik u. 34
Stern Zsigmond Zimmer Fa’ni Zsilinszky u. 6
Stern Zsigmondne’ Fried Jusztina Zsilinszky u. 6
Stern E’va Fried Jusztina Zsilinszky u. 6
Stern Sa’muel Zinner Franciska Felso: Ko:ro:s u. 9/b
Stern Sa’muelne’ Polla’k Margit Felso: Ko:ro:s u. 9/b
Stren Gizella Friedmann Borba’la Horthy M. u. 30
Stren Szidonia Horthy M. u. 30
Ma’rkus Miksa’ne’ Gru:nbaum Hanni Kurta’k Szere’na Bessenyei u. 140
Ma’rkus Sa’ndor Goldfinger Aranka Horthy M. u. 14
Ma’rkus Sa’ndorne’ Havas Sa’ri Horthy M. u. 14
Ma’rkus �gnes Havas Sa’ri Horthy M. u. 14
Ma’rkus Rudolf Havas Sa’ri Horthy M. u. 14
Csato Ka’lma’nne’ Kurta’g Tere’zia Horthy M. u. 14

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Dear List,

I do general searching for the following families and towns in:
Kurtag: Bekescsaba, Kolozsvar (now Cluj, RO), Lugos (now Lugoj, RO).
Stern: Temesvár (Timisoara, RO), Temesmedves (now in Romania),
Weisz: Bekescsaba, Lugos (now Lugoj, RO).

Other related families are >from Bekescsaba and it's area:

Good luck,
Béla Mihalik,
Budapest, Hungary
"Feel free" mit GMX DSL:

Gwen Koenigsburg

Greetings to all. I am brand new to this list. I have never been able
to find info on my BILLIG ancestors. My great-grandfather was
Samuel BILLIG, born 1860's, who immigrated to America and was
naturalized in 1892 as coming >from "Austria". I knew his
descendants, but all I know about his past is that his gravestone
says his father's name was Abraham. Family lore believes Samuel
was >from Vienna, however I have never found any records of him or
his father >from there. After posting several days ago on JewishGen's
austrianczech digest, most respondents told me to look at Galicia
as a more likely origin for my Billig family, as it was part of the
Austrian Empire for most of my GGF's life. I have begun the process
of looking at JRI-Poland's Galician databases, and have indeed
found that there are many Billig's listed in towns within Tarnopol,
as well as very similar surnames such as Billik, etc. Is anyone on
this list researching the surname Billig or anything very similar to it?
If so, I would love to hear >from you. All responses will be

Gwen Koenigsburg

Researching: BILLIG >from Austrian Empire, including Galicia