Mogyoros, Roth & Schoenberger #hungary

Lawrence Korman <korman3@...>

Hunting through some old stuff, I found a 50th wedding anniversary
document including a family tree sent to me years ago by an unrelated
Roth. Then, it was not significant to me. However, at the seminar I met
a person researching Roth and Mogyoros - I think it was Lea Traeger,
but my mind has gone blank.

Will the interested person please email. I will be happy to send this
neat documents. It starts with the generation born in 1830.



Hi Debbi,

My ggrandmother's maiden name was Roth. When I was in Berehovo/Berehy this
summer with Louis/Family Tree, I found grandmother's siblings' stones and also
ggrandfather' and gggrandfather's stones (altho the stones were so worn -- no
dates). If the family tree you have of the Roths are >from that general area,
I would love to have a copy of it.



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