Interwar antisemitic legislation in Hungary. #hungary

Stefano Groszy <steven@...>

By chance, I had the opportunity to join a seminar in my town Milano -
Italy, in which Prof. Tamas Stark >from the Budapest Academy of History,
spoke about the above subject. I was not so uptodate about preliminaries
of antisemitism in Hungary, but what mostly surprised me was the
discrete defense in the early twenties by the jewish hungarian elite during Admiral Horthy's regime. Stark explained that the public face of the
regime showed a certain ruvidity toward Jews in order to molligy certain segments of the extreme right; but on the other hand governement representatives and the hungarian gentile elite still continued to have good relations and cooperation with the hungarian Jews. In fact it seems they were rather tolerant also in applying the restricted rules that were promulgated before the infamous three racist laws published after 1938.
If anybody had more infomation about this argument, or had a different
opinion I'd be interested knowing more.

Tamas Stark is not only a really accultured and passionate researcher -
Louis Schonfeld says he's probably one of the most outstanding experts
about the hungarian Shoa -, but mainly he's a positive and nice person:
I was happy to have met him.

Accidentally, he told me that in Mandok there still exists a jewish
cemetery. Can anybody can confirm this info?
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Goodbye to everybody!
Steven Grosz
Milano - Italy


For more information about interwar and other Hungarian antisemitism -
as well as an excellent general history, read the Patai book that was
discussed on H-sig some months ago.

Barbara Kaufman